Unban me of aloha.pk counter strike maps

Hi, I have banning my again, and think it was hack " which I have no ._. " glicht or so if I did: c … was not so bad but if I did , really sorry for what happened I hope desbannen… Now every time I go I " Kicks or ban " is some maintenance and repair or Someone does not want me on the server? e_e

att : [ Vnzla ] Phoenix

[Vnzla]Phoenix was banned for glitching. The ban expires in 3 days.

You’ve banned for coming ok , is to uninstall the game by mistake and did not know how to fix it then reinstall it … Sorry for the misunderstanding : c … I hope this error does not lengthen the ban The ban … you gave me it was the morning of Sunday time : 10:20 I think, So sorry about that