Uhhh 1 Question

I’ve been really confused about all the jagex stuff and yea so what happens to aloha.pk after 1.0 is released and would they still be hostig 0.75~0.76 servers?

the plan is to continue hosting servers for 0.75, yeah

tfw 0.75 is a terrible version of AoS in terms of gun balance

Tfw the only other versions are the 0.76 RC and a hacked 0.60

What is wrong with the guns? The only problem I see is that the bullets move slightly down when aiming.

They’re talking about gun balance, not accuracy. personally, in the right hands, I think every gun is OP.

The SMG is beyond OP I hate it! ITS THE BANE OF MY EXISTANCE!

I think rifle should only take 2 hits to body to kill instead of three. Reason being you almost never get a third shot when facing shotty or smg users. I believe smg should have more recoil, and shotty’s spread obviously needs some tuneing. people snipe with the shotty all the time.

edit: rifle should also have a little more recoil.

I think B&S should use .76. I love the new rifle.