Two Questions

  • My first question is, what is’s stance on ‘intel towers’ and ‘burying the intel’?
    I realize that neither are illegal, but I think that they kind of ruin the game for the other players because neither team can reach the intel.

  • My second question is, how do you become an admin, and what do you need to do?
    I assume you have to apply, but what are the criteria you have to meet to be accepted (if there are any)?

Hello :slight_smile:
The first question, it’s a good one. I hate when people bury the intel, it kinda does ruin the game. Towering I’ve never witnessed so, no comment there.
I suggest playing Pinpoint server, it’s impossible to both of those on that map :slight_smile: It’s also my favorite server :stuck_out_tongue:

Question two, you have to apply to become an admin. Just play the game normally, don’t worry about criteria.

there’s nothing wrong with burying the intel and building intel towers, it’s just part of the game

I actually like it when they bury/pillar up the intel, they hover around that area, “guarding” it, and it makes them good targets to pick off with a rifle >:3