Trusted, but hacking :O

The player on Ace of spades: Dulfan, is trusted, we can’t votekick him, but his accuracy is high and he gets fast and long kill streaks, we’re sick of him and we hope u un trust him and ban him :smiley:

He’s been banned now,thanks.

No one named Dulfan is banned. I don’t see a trusted user named Dulfan either, although it could’ve been a different in-game name.

He’s just a trusted aloha player, not hacking. Ignore what SiNfuL said.

Sorry for that, but He really was doing those stuff. P.S: How do i become trusted?

go on and finish ur appeal and get unbanned and then appeal for a trusted pass and also you can still get banned by an admin even if ur trusted.

Thanks Rick, working on that right now.