:cry: In Nepal atleast 61,00 people died… And my cousin lives there :cry: haven't heard from her for so long :'((((((( MY BROTHER RIPPED HIS LIP AGAIN AT HOSPITAL AT ELEVEN FOUR PM FML

I’m very sorry to hear that ace. :frowning: God bless both of them and you. :slight_smile:

May I ask why it ripped again? Was it because of Walmart? Sorry to hear what happened to your family. My wishes are for you and your family to have a happy ending to this tragic ordeal.

Because of an idiotic man rushing somewhere, PUSHING my brother and then he hits his face on a metal rack. And the part witch piss’s me off the MOST IS he f’n runs like it’s not his business. Waiting 10 minutes is like waiting for an hour when you need the ambulance. Yes At Walmart.

Poor guy. :frowning:
Hope that he will be OK. :frowning: