Too many hackers

Yeah, there are a lot of hackers and nothing is being done about it at all. Votekicks don’t work, most people don’t give a shit. There are never admins on, if there are any in the first place. This is a serious problem, so please fix it.

He coffee, thanx for your concerns. We do our best to keep the servers as cheaterfree as possible. However we’re also only human and it’s hard to watch all the games all the time. We also heavily depend on reports by our players.

Next time if you see a cheater of some kind in game there’s a variety of things you can try to get rid of them:

  1. use the /admin command to call the attention of one of the admins. Admins are standby all the time, and observering servers from irc. They will see any /admin message and come to the rescue as soon as they can.

  2. Come to our IRC channel #aloha and report.

  3. You can also use the report section on this forum: However, this does not guarantee a fast response and only action will be taken if there’s some kind of evidence presented.

there is a hacker on now as im playing :’( we have tryed votekicking him but there has not been people doing /y
what should i do?

also try to specify the server