This scope is the best!

I’m eternal eternally grateful. He provided me with the best scope ever!

Here’s proof:

lololol. You thought i was joking in making the scope but i actually made one xD LOLOL best scope eva!

thing you need:
link link link
if you provide that i will try to transfer it over to build and shoot and i need the makers name and the scopes name please and i think it will be more popular with build and shoot on it as well

I like this one:

yea lion i have that on my rifle and a black ops 2 for shotgun anda red dot scope(sometime i cant find dot) on smg

You should try to make a “cow-scope”, it can be better than the pig one :stuck_out_tongue:

Lion I used to have that scope…but I hated it. I use Enari’s dot scope. Well boss.

hmm nice scope! although default scope is still best!! :wink:

eternal I wanna try that scope so can you please give me the link :frowning:

My scope is BEAST!

Oh wow, that one looks amazing :D.

Simple yet effective. Made it myself. :3

Yeah, and i’m still playing with it. :wink:

How about ACOG scopes :wink:

Or a Reflex for your shotgun!

I dont see the end of the gun?
Other from that i like them.

I can’t believe scopes that block half your sight can do any good :S

No scope beats the piggy scope.

If you tried the ACOG or the Reflex, you would see how useful they are.