The story of Tower of Babel


Lol didnt know babel had that deep story

pssst, its a story, not real

Griefers must have been a pain in the ass lol


It’s a biblical story that involved man thinking they can reach heaven if they can build a tower high enough. According to the story, God became infuriated by this and destroyed (or griefed :P) the tower and made everybody speak different languages, which is supposed to explain why we have over 5,000 languages today.

TL;DR: Humans made tower that later became griefed by God for trying to get his intel and caused everybody to speak different languages.

there goes AEM

lol It’s a basic story from Genesis.

Not everyone is christian lol. But yeah, the story of the tower of Babel is in the bible.

Pretty sure Henper is Christian from what I overheard from Skype. lol But yes, you are right.


Arabs won ::slight_smile:



/togglebuild God

/togglebuild God

  • God can build again
    /kick Eddy

noob Eddy doesn’t know who hes playing with.

(This post doesn’t emply that SnIpEr is God.)

Oh no God can grief again!

/godmode God
God does not have godmode anymore

Everyone keeps using carmina burana o fortuna in these biblical videos.

You are right, it is a pagan music.

Dies Irae too intense for them