The Smartest comment wins!

Let’s see who wins. Derp.

Imagine a smart comment here

Suppose there is a comment that contains the smartest thought in all that have been posted, knowledge can be derived from it, hence, developing new thoughts that are as smart or even smarter than the original one.

—> insert smart comment here <—

You have killed by smarty :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that the the thoughts’ evolution theory hasn’t yet been proved here.

Suppose that someone posts a smartest comment here (if such thing exists). In order to be THE smartest comment, you must make a comment that is so smart that it will benefit the mankind.

Bacon. Without it, the world is nothing.

gasp gg.

It could be just a solution for a mathematical unsolved problem or from chemistry, physics …

Well lets see hmmm Convince time aka Cronios (cronos and helios) aka me, to do something. Also I’ve invented a time machine for fun anyone for ancient pizza?

Scipio! Irrefutable evidence on (insert hacker you banned for me here)!

2 + 2 = 4

I think the smartest comment would be to stop posting here, as locking this topic would benefit mankind

Also, hello i’m Mirzuuuh :smiley:

E = MC^2

You never know. This thread might come up with a scientific breakthrough. Also, how would locking this thread help the mankind? lmao

Its C= square 2 daa and ::slight_smile: ;D How will I make 2 servers is that the hardest question?


S = 1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1 +1 - 1… = 1/2 According to Abel’s Sum. ;D

At any moment, there is a pair of antipodal points on the Earth with equal temperatures and equal barometric pressures.