The public server economy system and buying/claiming land.

tl;dr read the whole thing please.

Before this started, I had said something about how players can create towns and then eventually expand their town into a nation, with their town being the capital city of the nation and other towns can join this nation (like a country). This isn’t final, but please give your opinions on the discussion below. Key ideas are bolded.
11:16 yeah that souds cool
11:19 Now we need to discuss how people will earn this money.
11:19 Killing people/selling diamonds, maybe?
11:29 what will be the currency?
11:29 can it be something you can only acquire by selling various resources to npc merchants?
11:29 for example
11:30 dirt would be worth 1 whatever the currency is
11:30 stone would be worth 3 whatever teh currecny is
11:30 diamonds would be worth 100 whatever the currency is
11:30 i’m sure those weights are way off but it’s just an example
11:30 and buying land should be way expensive
11:31 1000 per block or something
11:32 2% monthly tax of original cost
11:32 these numbers are just coming out of nowhere but you get the idea
11:32 make it difficult…
11:33 if a player wants to buy a 30x30 plot of land, let’s make him earn it
11:33 he has to spend many hours mining
11:33 that will add value to land ownership
11:33 i’m talking 12+ hours for a very small plot of land
11:33 12+ hours of straight mining
11:34 or wood chopping if that’s what the players enjoys
11:34 or selling meats from animals
11:34 or selling live animals
11:34 or selling whatever else
11:35 is this even possible ?
11:36 give the players the option to gather whatever resources they prefer to go for
11:36 rares/more difficult resources to gather would be worth more currency
11:38 the currency shouldn’t be attainable any other way either
11:38 as in, you have to sell resources to a npc merchant to get the currency
11:38 or loot the currency off other players
11:38 so whatever we choose the currency to be, we should prevent it from spawning naturally anywhere
11:40 ah sorry i was playing Tribes
11:40 Yes that’s probably how it will work
11:40 that would be so awseome
11:41 something like that will motivate my addictive personality
11:41 We can set certain prices for certain items and I think we can have them automatically go up/down in value depending on how often people are selling it
11:41 Yup that’s what we’re aiming for
11:41 wow for real?
11:41 that is awesome
11:41 I’m 99% sure of that but I have to double check
11:41 If we do that, people will probably set up careers for themselves, such as lumberjack or farmer for animals
11:41 It just depends on what they like doing.
11:41 YES
11:41 soooo awesome
11:42 that’s exactly what i’m imagining
11:42 let people play the role they want to play
11:42 Can I post this on the forums (in the admin section I guess) so we can see what everyone thinks?
11:43 this log? yeah i was thinking just that
11:43 Froe and I have been seeing if we can have players set up shops and people can buy the items from people, not just spawn them out of thin air from nothing.
11:43 That would be fun and keep item value balanced.
11:44 Should I post this in MC admins, sysadmins, or in the MC section?
11:44 14:43:30 Froe and I have been seeing if we can have players set up shops and people can buy the items from people, not just spawn them out of thin air from nothing.
11:44 yesssssssss

PLEASE post, I don’t care if you don’t care much about Minecraft, we just need to know what you like and your ideas, because I know you all have them!

Just tossed some numbers around:
a 30x30 piece of land costs 900,000 Generic Aloha Currency.
That’s 1,000 Diamond Blocks! DIAMOND BLOCKS, not Diamond ore. In other words, to get a piece of land large enough for a house, you would need to mine OVER 9,000 Diamond ores.

  • the %2 tax… which for a 30x30 piece of land is 18,000 per MineCraft month (or is it real life month…) means that getting a piece of land for a year is… 1,116,000 Generic Aloha Currency. Or 1,240 Diamond Blocks or 11,160 Diamond ores.

SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo a 1x1 piece of land should cost perhaps 10 Generic Aloha Currency.
Thus a 30x30 piece of land is… 9,000 Generic Aloha Currency.

That is, 10 Diamond Blocks or 90 Diamond ores. And the tax is 180, thus for a year it will cost 11,160 Generic Aloha Currency (or 13 Diamond Blocks/117 Diamond ores).

(Note: This was all done hurriedly, there may be mistakes)

BUUUUUT yes, I very much would like to see something like this implemented.

30x30 is an insanely large plot.

I’ll give a brief overview of what we have set up right now, THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

You can get money from selling stuff by using the command /sell item howmuch/many

Dirt gives 1$, diamonds give 200$, and for some reason a diamond blocks gives 2,000$.

As of right now to simply buy a town, as in claim land to be a town (protected chests and land) costs 10,000$. However, to buy more land costs even more. There’s also a daily (24 hour period) tax. I don’t remember the exact values for those, but they’re both less than 1,000 right now.

Land claims are 8 blocks by 8 blocks.

Within these towns mayors can sell land to residents for whatever they want to sell it for. Mayors can do a lot of other things too, like give ranks to residents and whatnot.

That’s a rough idea of what’s going on. Also dying makes you lose money, and using the “/town spawn” command also costs money.

The server will be constant PvP, you will NEVER be safe.

As of right now there is a flat tax, meaning no matter how much or how little land you have you pay the same tax to keep the town daily. I can make this a weighted tax, meaning that depending on how much land you have determines your expenses.

11:43 Froe and I have been seeing if we can have players set up shops and people can buy the items from people, not just spawn them out of thin air from nothing.
I had something like that on a server I used to play on. It's called chest shop

Good god I have never seen izzy post so much on the irc.
For ideas… make the tax payment automatic if its going to be daily, lets not turn this into something like farmville if you know what I mean.

We were thinking a monthly tax and if you didn’t pay it your town would be moved or some land would be unclaimed. A really important thing is that we find the perfect balance between overpriced and too cheap. First we need to figure out what things are worth and balance this out. For example:

There are about 3 diamond ores in each chunk. Froe said in our system, the default selling price of one diamond is $200, so $600 worth of diamonds in a chunk on average. Land will most likely be claimed by chunk, or maybe in 2x2 chunk areas (4 chunks). So 600*4 is 2400, and we want players to be able to make a profit when mining, so I’d put the price of a 4 chunk area at $1500-2000. Of course, that’s just basing it on diamond, there are other ores and the ability to farm animals on your land, as well as cutting down trees.

This is the type of thing we need YOUR opinion on, we need to know what you guys want to play.

I actually found out about the currency system when I was an op and did /money or value of some sort and my enchanted diamond sword was worth 472 dollars. And Drebbel I was in a server with that, very good mod.

Not really. Being me who’d been playing a large number of servers over the past year or two, a 30 x 30 plot is quite small. No doubt there would be those people who would like big plot sizes for building some…Epic?

Anyway, about the economy;

I usually prefer having something like Iconomy and Drebbel’s ‘Chest Shop’ plugin. But I do suggest the shops to be used as ‘Admin shops’ which layers may get to and sell. Usually, admin shops are set up at spawn with only one to three things that would ‘buy’ from the players just to earn money. e.g; Gold, diamond and emerald. Of course to make the economy balanced, we’d need to set as good price for stuff.

Unfortunately, like the real world, Minecraft economy is not stable and the price range would be large and varied. Hell, I think it’d even be more unstable than the real world. E.g; A diamond was set at say…250 Credit (Iconomy) and then some idiot thought it’d be a good idea to lower it to say 100…Economy goes downhill and fucks the system for everyone etc.

But there are SOME ways to stabilize the economy. I’m not sure about you guys, but the Iconomy system on ‘Super Earth’ is by far the best MC economy system I’ve seen so far. It only took a wealthy player on that server a month or two to literally fix the economy to what it is now and it seemed to keep everyone happy.

It’s not like it’s at 100 or something but it takes in the decimals as well. E.g; Diamonds cost 5 Credit, players cannot lower it any further and to get credits even 5 takes a long time. etc. When someone wants to lower the price of diamonds, they’d have to use decimals eg; $4.99 or $4.75 etc.

But I’m not sure if we could make such a complex system for a mere fun and pvp based server(?).

there is also sign shop…

I think we want to stress earning money by killing people rather than mining for it. Kill someone with diamond armor and you just made bank for the night.

Really? I make houses that are about 16x10 with huge farms surrounding it. It’s not that immensely huge.

The economy will be very limited, might I add. It’s primary use will likely be to purchase more land.

On public servers? I hold land something like 500x500 on private servers, but on public servers there’s much more limited amounts of land.
Then again, who knows…I don’t regularly play minecraft. I guess we can start wiht some exorbitantly high price, observe the economy in progress, then make suitable changes.

I think Reki’s referring to 30x30 as in 30x30 CHUNK plot, or 900 chunks total, AKA 480x480 blocks. I think we’re going to look at chest shop.

worth: stonebutton: 6.0 wood: 0.50 arrow: 3.50 diamondpickaxe: 650.0 rawfish: 5.0 minecart: 23.0 leatherchestplate: 85.0 storageminecart: 30.0 leaves: 1.0 feather: 3.0 goldchestplate: 6.5 mushroomsoup: 4.5 bread: 30.0 stationarywater: 1.0 workbench: 2.5 stonehoe: 2.5 brownmushroom: 2.0 wool: 10.0 mossycobblestone: 90.0 diamondhoe: 400.0 woodsword: 1.4 torch: 4.0 grass: 1.0 poweredminecart: 32.0 snowball: 0.0 goldenapple: 100.0 leatherleggings: 75.0 log: 2.0 diamondaxe: 650.0 slimeball: 20.0 fence: 1.0 stonespade: 1.5 claybrick: 5.0 noteblock: 36.0 ironaxe: 22.0 coalore: 10.0 clayball: 2.0 fishingrod: 10.0 ironhoe: 22.0 goldrecord: 100.0 ironpickaxe: 22.0 irondoor: 22.0 bucket: 20.0 redrose: 2.0 grilledpork: 7.0 gravel: 1.0 wooddoor: 3.0 chainmailhelmet: 40.0 ironchestplate: 22.0 diamondblock: 2000.0 diamondhelmet: 1000.0 goldhelmet: 6.0 redstonetorchon: 32.0 ironspade: 22.0 furnace: 8.5 ironsword: 22.0 dispenser: 58.0 woodaxe: 2.0 seeds: 0.0 painting: 25.0 woodplate: 1.0 redstoneore: 30.0 diamondspade: 210.0 waterbucket: 40.0 water: 1.0 bedrock: 100.0 irondoorblock: 15.0 goldhoe: 6.0 sand: 1.0 goldsword: 6.0 stoneaxe: 3.0 bookshelf: 140.0 ironblock: 190.0 jackolantern: 56.0 boat: 3.0 diamondchestplate: 1750.0 redstonewire: 30.0 redmushroom: 2.0 string: 5.0 stoneplate: 6.0 wallsign: 1.0 cactus: 10.0 sulphur: 20.0 rails: 22.0 ironore: 18.0 leatherhelmet: 52.0 stone: 3.00 egg: 1.0 diamondore: 200.0 woodhoe: 2.0 goldleggings: 6.0 chainmailleggings: 50.0 yellowflower: 2.0 ironhelmet: 22.0 obsidian: 130.0 dirt: 1.0 leather: 10.0 leatherboots: 42.0 lever: 1.0 cobblestone: 1.0 cake: 180.0 woodstairs: 1.0 ironingot: 22.0 goldore: 45.0 pumpkin: 50.0 bed: 68.0 watch: 6.0 ironleggings: 22.0 sign: 1.5 doublestep: 1.0 woodpickaxe: 2.0 stonepickaxe: 4.0 chainmailboots: 30.0 diamondleggings: 1500.0 cookedfish: 7.0 saddle: 100.0 cobblestonestairs: 1.5 tnt: 100.0 glowingredstoneore: 30.0 apple: 10.0 woodspade: 1.0 goldingot: 105.0 diode: 110.0 soil: 1.0 clay: 12.0 goldblock: 450.0 stick: 0.25 paper: 10.0 brick: 21.0 stationarylava: 1.0 chest: 4.0 sandstone: 3.0 goldpickaxe: 6.0 compass: 22.0 sugarcane: 7.0 diamondsword: 420.0 goldboots: 6.0 sponge: 80.0 stonesword: 2.5 coal: 7.0 goldaxe: 6.0 bone: 2.0 diamond: 200.0 glass: 3.00 goldspade: 6.0 lapisblock: 950.0 lavabucket: 40.0 wheat: 9.0 ladder: 0.5 sugarcaneblock: 15.0 bowl: 0.50 chainmailchestplate: 40.0 sapling: 2.0 diamondboots: 850.0 lapisore: 100.0 lava: 25.0 milkbucket: 40.0 redstone: 32.0 greenrecord: 100.0 inksack: 10.0 glowstonedust: 10.0 book: 45.0 bow: 15.0 ironboots: 22.0 step: 1.5 sugar: 7.0
Currently everything that can be sold straight to the server and it's current value. What do people think of these values?

[20:20] the most abusable seems to be sugar
[20:21] making 20000 would take me less than 8 hours
[20:21] with a proper reed farm
[20:22] and pumpkins
[20:22] 50 for something that is easily regrown seems too high
[20:25] iron stuff seems underpriced
[20:27] I see diamonds being valued as 1000 pretty fast

Diamonds should really be 1000, if renewable stuff like wheat is anymore than 1-3. Pumpkins should be less than iron.
How much do damaged tools sell for?

Diamond hoe 400.0? I know its 2 diamonds but its a diamond hoe! maybe have a diamond hoe as 250.0. Lapis block as 950.0? Thats one mining trip, one vein of lapis, I could make about $2000 in 10 minutes! Other than that, the other prices seem reasonable.

Renewable items shouldn’t cost more than 5.

Otherwise it’s just to easy… farm until you have Diamond Armor then go on a skeleton killing spree and then you have a town for basically no work.

I have an idea, remove shopping, if players want a specific iten they have to hunt/work for it instead of making money off cobblestone and then buy rare itens from other players.
Keep economy system on tho for people to be able to buy land and stuff like that.