the Nades of CS arena

I know a lot of ppl like nades in CS arena cause it’s the main source of their kills.
I’ve been playing more recently than ever and I noticed a HUGE increase in nade spammers. I honestly think i ruins most of the Cs maps (considering i am mostly on this server) and i think we should reduce the amount of nades to 1 but that one nade full power. I really like CS arena but I’m so gosh darn tired of having half of my HP removed in the begining of EVERY rounds. Yes I could simply wait/Camp (eeeew camping) but I honestly think that having 3 nades ruins the whole server. If it was only for me, there wouldn’t be a single nade in this game. I am one of those person that think the main fun in this game is actualy shooting and NOT nading over a wall and kill 5 enemy in their own spawn. And even if we keep the 3 nades, can you AT LEAST modify the maps like build a really high wall so you can’t nade over walls? I’m thinking De_Dust and De_Dust2 mostly but it happens really often with aztec too.

CS arena is ruined by SMGs more than it is by nades. If you take out nades you’re just making it even harder to kill campers.

one nade with full power. So you mean one nade with the power of 3 nades combined? That doesn’t change anything.
Although it would be nice to raise the walls

not 1 nade with the power of 3. Nades got nerfed on cs arena cause they were too strong. I’m asking to put back the nade damage to 100% instead of 70% but only put one nade. you would also need to use it strategicly and not spam it in the begin of the round

You’re going about it all wrong. Even with one nade there will still be spam. Even if there’s only 6 people on your route and only 4 of them throw nades… that’s still 4 100% nades… If you want nades to not be spammed in the beginning of the round you should ask that no one has any nades until like 60 seconds into the match and then everyone gets 3 grenades. At that point the initial firefights will have already happened.

If you really want to eliminate the nade spam, you just put a 5 to 10 seconds cool down on nades simply.

Yes, that could work but remember that there are a ton of other players, who of course aren’t on Aloha, won’t know about this change if it gets implemented that is, it’ll cut down there kills. It’s going to make them feel like they have no skill, however, I am vouching for this change.

I don’t play a lot of arena at all, but one nade per player (keeping nerfed damage - I’m not sure if you can actually kill a player with just one nade atm but if you can then maybe even with a harsher nerf) would make a lot of sense to me for CS maps. You’d have to coordinate with your teammates and get the timing right to kill anyone with them, but if you were working alone you could still seriously damage an enemy or two (again assuming your timing is good). Maybe two with a 5-second cooldown would work too? Rewarding smart play rather than spam and running around out-aiming everyone brainlessly is always a good thing imo.

I personally won’t be making any changes to the server, but that’s my suggestion if any of the sysadmins who play csmaps wanna try something out and think it’d fit ok

On that system 10 people can still throw grenades at the same time and 10 grenades have still been spammed.

Torch, are you playing arena? I don’t see you there often and when i do it’s for less than 15 mins so you don’t know what you are talking about. there is rarely 10 ppl trowing nades at the same time. the max i’Ve seen is 3 and they weren’t even shooting them at the same place but they were spamming them. and it’s not about ppl trowing them at the same time, that would be an actual strategy, im talking about those loner nade spammers. honestly, if you coordinate your attack with someone or a group of ppl you should be considered smart and not as a nade spammer. Trowing 3 nades one after the other isn’T skills. Precisly trowing a nade on someone is a skill

Don’t blame the nades. Blame yourself rushing. Nades are just to back rushers off. Without nades stopping them, they can easily back stab the other routes and have a quick and boring match.

As said earlier and it was probably not clear enough since i was tired and it was midnight here, I’m trying to prevent nade spammers… maps like de_dust would be way more fun if you couldn’T nade over the wall into the enemy spawn

I play on alts most of the time nowadays lol. I only play with my main name if I’m playing with a friend or clan members. I was probably playing CS arena before you even heard of the game.
Also, yes… I have been in games where 10 nades are thrown down the same hallway… that’s not uncommon at all. And not everyone cares about skill. I care more about killing everyone on the other side and winning the round than I do about if I did a 360 noscope, because that was more “skillful”. If you want the game to be more skillfull, then disable every weapon except the rifle and give people only 10 bullets with 5 second cool down between shots, because we can’t be having people spamming bullets either, because that doesn’t require skill.


Nerfing grenades again would not be a good idea.

Only giving us 1 grenade is not a good idea.

The current grenades are great because they are an extra obstacle, therefore they require more strategy to get around.

Cs maps would not be the same if you changed the number of grenades we get or the damage, grenades are the perfect tool to flush campers out and to win 1v3+ situations.

I have been waiting for someone to state this. Thank you. :wink:

Torch, for your info i was on the game in the late Alpha early beta. I know how this server and the regular community on the server too. The wall of naders nading 1 hallway is rarer nowadays than it was back in the days cause ppl discovered nade angles and nade over walls.

atrain, i’m just tried of being naded from accross the map. I talked about making giant walls so you can nade over it. I don’t think you covered that in your explaination.

What was the name you were using back then? Did you have any accounts on either of the forums?

Go a different route, throw grenades across the wall first, or just wait for the nades to blow up and then attack.

I’va always been NickNaming myself Twodayudie until there is about 6 months

The best solution to nerf grenades, is again, don’t rush and play strategically…
Or get shot in the back by that douche with a shotgun.

Tbh, nobody complained back when there were nades at 100% power. I don’t see why this is an issue now.

Seems to me like people just got too used to the 25% firecrackers.