the Nades of CS arena

no, I got upset when my fps started dropping crazily.

Really we don’t need nade buffing or whatever. Just raise the walls of CS maps.

I’m not against building taller walls to stop the across map grenades, I think that would be an excellent idea for maps like de_dust and de_aztec.
Didn’t state it in my post because I thought it was obvious to everyone it’s actually something that we need.

This brought me some idea. If the rounds take too long in arena, (which happens quite a lot in cs maps) how about bringing different weapons to people after 60 seconds, they could in example use only shotgun or only rifle after this time limit. They could be also teleported to each other’s neighbour location and that would prevent campers from staying all the time at one place, hiding.

This is idea won’t help. First of all, automatically changing weapons will just annoy players completely and this won’t help reduce the round duration. Second, teleporting is wayyyy beyond the limits. Its annoying and just makes it unfair. And you think the round ends too long, maybe stop dying early. Each round has a maximum of 3 and a half minutes (as far as i can remember) anyways. It’s not long.
Players should freely pick their play style and not force them to a different position and weapons. That will make AoS die more.

Flerikko it’s just a gamemode rule suggestion, not a game mechanic suggestion.

Either way, Ms.Kiki. Arena would suck that way.

Can we stop trying to destroy cs arena? The last time anybody even mentioned lowering grenade damage we were left with Nerf footballs to throw at each other for a 2 months. The last time someone mentioned new maps they gave us cs_assault, cs_666_assault and de_dust.

Imagine a normal round of de_dust in your world. You want us to rush a map that has 2 fortified tunnels, without the ability to use grenades offensively, and expect any results other than suicidal death? How the hell to you suppose we rush in that map? The enemy need not fear grenades from the heavens. So what, exactly, is going to stop them from camping every tunnel exit in that map, 5smgs to a exit? Blue team can reach the exits before green can rush them every single time so whats the fucking point? And lets say you have a offensive team with spectacular aim. You shoot your way out of the tunnels to their side of the map. Then you rush out in to the open and BAM you’re shot down by 6 more smg campers and now they start spamming grenades in to the tunnel exits to kill off the last 2 guys left on your team. It’s already a god damned terrible map. Don’t make it an impossible map.

Annoying or not, one of the main game mechanics to counter-strike is chaos. If you can break down the chaos of the game then you’re rewarded with lots of kills. Grenades are a large part of that chaos and essential to cs. Do you really want cs to turn in to some kind of ‘camp to win’ server?

How much are you really expecting to get out of the shooting mechanic of the game when 90% of the people playing have 300ms and teleport a few blocks left and right every few seconds? How are you supposed to enjoy the shooting mechanic of the game when you run at a wall for safety and 10 blocks behind cover you get headshot by some hacker from timbuktu w/600ms. This game has bigger problems than grenades (bombs that you throw to kill people) being too powerful.

Okay, if I understand you right, in other words, you rather like running through the map and finding the guy hiding in some corner near spawn or you like to wait for that guy somewhere until he finally makes that brave move and comes out of his hideout. If you like it how it is now, keep it for yourself. But don’t criticise my idea at the start only because you don’t like it.

Changing the weapons was just an idea, it could be something else, maybe to get damage if you would just stand one one place for more than 10 seconds, and all of that would happen after the time limit.

That is not my problem, I played the de_dust and we were chasing each other with other player for like one minute until the other guy suggested me to meet in the middle of the map, so we finally ended it. If you prefer to camp in spawn all the time and wait for them until they come out, that’s fine and i’m not against it. Also it is really a fun way to play it.

Suggesting an idea isn’t an attempt to destroy the game mode. Not sure why did you choose to reply in this defensive way.But if you ask about my opinion about cs arena, it is server with too big maps and it feels totally different than CS and it doesn’t work in Aos. It is not nearly as much entertaining as arena top 10 maps

I actually agree with this… there wouldn’t be a way how to kill the blue team camping in the corner outside the tunnel if you wouldn’t use grenades.

Yeah, disallowing the grenades isn’t a great idea. It is a good way how to kill campers, that are hiding behind a wall.
Most people that have bad ping aren’t from America, the server is situated somewhere in California (as far as I know) and that location isn’t great for players from other continents. But it is kind of playable with 200-220 ping even though playing with lag makes it sometimes harder to kill others, sometimes it’s harder for others to kill you.