The map random

The map is terrible because the green’s building places are water, so they build platforms, then they end up getting griefed I think the creator should expand the land to green’s spawn.Idk if im talking about the right map if you know the map im talking about, plz tell me.
Im talking about babel.

The map is random generated, it’s different each time.

I know what you mean though, sometimes green can’t build a tower because of the water. Best thing is to call an admin with the /admin command so the map can be advanced.

oh so that’s why the map is called random.

AoS had its roots with random terrain generator as part of the gameplay; however, most have abandoned “classicgen” in favor of community maps.

Is random a default or is it player made?

Read what reki said

Reki is talking about Classicgen. I’m talking about the map, “random” where there are valleys, oceans, mountains, and rivers.

I like to play it, its just that nobody goes on it.

The only populated classicgen server to my knowledge is the /vg/ one, which is running 054. I play there on occasion, boatloads of fun.

I think the OP was about the random maps in babel :slight_smile: