The Map Nuketown

The all maps server has a replica of the Black Ops map ‘Nuketown’. Since the map is for arena, the half of the map is just blocked off. But you can just sprint jump over to the other side from the platform on the houses. I have done that a lot of times, but today I got banned for few days for doing that. I understand that it is unfair. Yes I get that. BUT it is the ADMINS’ fault that they didn’t edit the map for those things and I just don’t think they should be banning people for their mistakes. They can just take out the map from the rotations until the map is fixed and put it back in. It’s not even a major thing to fix. I mean they can just put a wall on the blocked off area or just erase one block from the platform people jump from. People will ALWAYS abuse that until it is fixed. Including me.

2 things:

  1. The admins didn’t make the map.

They can just take that map out of the rotation so people won’t get banned by just using that to the advantage.

A good way to not get banned is to not do it at all. All players know that doing that gives them an unfair advantage, in which case is the same as aimbot or glitching, your gonna get votekicked or banned. Simple solution just QUIT doing it, its not like anyone is making you do it. So no matter what you say, your going to get banned for doing it.

NukeTown was made for both TDM and arena.

I honestly think removing or editing the map in all maps server is the only way. People are going to abuse that no matter what. Don’t expect anyone to actually obey the rules of the servers.

Editing the map because many people accually like Nuketown. I think making another wall behind the wall could fix glitching through and maybe add some command that kills you if you go outside the map…or even remove the land and add water damage.

If you don’t like the rules, don’t play on the servers. 'Nuff said.
Think about it this way. You’re a 20 year old living in the U.S. You murder somebody without a legal incentive. What do you think will happen? You’ll go to jail. It starts off with small things like not following the rules in a game.

lol nice white. “man i just love not following the rules of this game, i think imma try killing someone.” xD

I love your logic that doesn’t make any sence AWhiteGuy.

As I said in the IRC, Logic = philosophers


This isn’t real world. You aren’t going to get put in jail for doing that kind of stuff. Why the hell would you expect for people to obey the rules when they get away with it most of the times?



I have stop developing the map. I think some Aloha admins fixed most of the glitches but my main projects aren’t on fixing map bugs.

There should be some kind of auto kill if you go out of the boundaries of the map, best idea eva!!!

Ahhh, but they’re still getting out. 2 of them did yesterday. BTW what should i do about that. I warn them and they start their " its not glitching so its not cheating" and the “anyone can do it so its not cheating” thing. Then i proceed to inform them of the walls around the map and their purpose to keep the players within. -_- In the end they keep doing it.

Or hban them

Or report to the IRC an see if you can get an admin.