The last comment wins!

Lets play! Just try to be the last poster!

NEW RULES! Do not be the Tenth poster!

Every tenth poster is eliminated from the competition! Last 2 people win! And if you wanna cry about losing, that’s fine. Just a reminder…You can be a winner all of May, as when one competition is over, another starts!

Winner of competition 1: Crazymonky
Winner of competition 2:

Eliminated in competition 1: Apocalyptic, Monstarules, Walmarto, DracoDivide, dosss, Hismom
Eliminated in competition 2: dosss

BTW…new rules each month!

YEAH!! I WIN!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

If u post after me, that says that u are inferior to me in every way.

HAHA! monsta ur inferior to me in every way.

I hope you realize that somebody (Reki) will just post and lock the thread.

I’m the last one

AWG and hismom are also inferior to me in everyway 8) ;D :stuck_out_tongue: :-*

Except I have more posts than you, I’ma a Kamaaina, I’m a mod, I’m staff on LG and Minit, etc.

I also have the last post.

…until now :wink: I win again!!


You lose. :wink:


Bump and I win


Guys, pls. We all know I utterly rekt you all.

Nope.I win.Full stop.Someone lock the thread :smiley:

Oh you guyssssssssssss. You all know on the inside that Im going to win so why not just quit while you haven’t wasted the time.



Well, Joshua wasn’t the very first one to make this up. Loads of people have done this before.
And I’m still ahead by a post. :wink: