The Great Color War: Salmon or Periwinkle?

The title says it all. In case you are unfamiliar with our candidates, left is periwinkle, right is salmon. Do not take this decision lightly.

salmon, and if you people don’t agree with me you’re all nutcases with PhDs in sucking dick

It’s a little too light for periwinkle. It’s more of a lavender. Also, if you don’t vote for periwinkle/lavender/light-purple, dak will probably murder you in your sleep. So your options are either being hated by Cobalt or getting killed by Dak. Your choice. :slight_smile:

They look like police lights and I can hear them…wait what? whoop whoop that’s tha sound of tha police

Salmon is like literally cancer.

Periwinkle is bae <3

you’re all fucking dweebs
here’s some insight.

these are salmon pants. however, periwinkle pants don’t exist. +1 to salmon.

if they’re killed by Dakotta, they’d have some female contact, which I’m gonna guess they’d love.


these are salmon pants. however, periwinkle pants don't exist. +1 to salmon.

Well… no… those aren't pants… however, these ARE actually pants.

well done voters we absolutely demolished the stupid pink men
periwinkle for life

I honestly don’t like periwinkle, it’s a sad excuse for a shade of purple.
Salmon isn’t as bad though, so I guess team salmon.
Plus salmon tastes great.

As captain of Team Periwinkle I’d like to thank you all for proving to these Team Salmon heathens what the truly superior color is. Thank you all for your support.

this is what happens when you try to find middle ground

there can be no compromise!!11!1!!one!!

ok after looking up pictures of periwinkle-colored clothes i can say with great confidence than periwinkle is better in every way

13-6 oh rekt :wink:
Good choice guys, thanks for the support.



Also i’d rather eat salmon than periwinkle ! (even if some flower taste good it’s not nutritious enough :p)


periwinkle is cute and it’s not as in-your-face as salmon is.

+1 to periwinkle. It’s bae <3333

I hate eating salmon, but the color artistically speaks out to me, almost like chorus of angels singing in my ears while I play Doom.