=!= The Big RIP List =!=

(This is a copy and paste from a thread I started in BNS, both lists will be updated on both sites when necessary)

I thought I would start a list of all the great players that have traversed these forums and game over the years and retired. This is not meant to be negative in any way, but as a way of reflecting and archiving a bit of our history. Feel free to suggest people for me to add to this list. I will be going off of Aloha’s banlist and forum accounts, so they can’t be banned currently and have to have been afk for over a month. Anywho, I’m going to start off the list. Once again, don’t be afraid to add suggestions.

These are just people/clans I could remember off the top of my head and could jot down quickly. (I have a paper to write, so this had to be done quickly) There are lots and lots and lots I will have missed. No offense if I did, there is just so many. Also, keep in mind you might not be on the list because you still are active and the same applies for clans. Some clans are still active.
(Lists Are In Alphabetical Order)

Great Individuals:

  • .Uvs
  • Ace
  • Airlines
  • Atreyu
  • A Virus
  • A_girl
  • Ash
  • Bcoolface
  • Ben
  • BuffetOfLies
  • Calvin
  • Captain_Pi
  • Cheesebubble
  • Coco
  • CowNorris
  • CptCrow
  • CraftDinur
  • d._.b
  • Dakotta
  • Danhezee
  • DE
  • Dezz
  • Doc
  • Eimis
  • Elrohir
  • Enari
  • Fawad
  • FD_God
  • Frocs
  • Frosty
  • Hankey
  • Heracles4
  • herp_derp
  • Invierno/Winter
  • Jackplox
  • JohnRambozo
  • JoJoeStinky
  • Karma
  • KillerCookie
  • Kiwaka
  • KomradeBoat
  • Konrad
  • Lexsym
  • Lostmotel
  • Lsin
  • Maple
  • Matpow2 (mat^2)
  • Meskhu
  • Mikuli
  • MLinator
  • MoonGirl
  • NestoFlo
  • Nikhao
  • OkayKat
  • Pingu
  • Plink
  • Pulchritude/Pulchy
  • PXYC
  • RagLee
  • Rauder
  • Reporauno
  • Roy
  • Rustic
  • Salina
  • Sasquatch
  • Sham
  • Simox
  • SlapHappy
  • SLoW
  • Snip
  • Sparky
  • SpartanFrog
  • Stark
  • Talent
  • Tank
  • Thalagyrt
  • TheGeekZeke101
  • TheGrandmaster
  • Tiki
  • Timi
  • Triplefox
  • Wayne
  • Willy
  • Y.O.B.A.

If you aren’t dead and I put you on this list by mistake, just post below or PM me. :slight_smile:

Great Clans:

  • 17th
  • <@>
  • eXe
  • Komrades
  • Lines
  • Ohh
  • Sirs
  • SPQR
  • TSB
  • USAB

Great Maps: Just an idea, might remove since maps don’t really “die”.

  • ClassicGen
  • GoonAssault
  • Prisonbreak
  • Smashforts
  • Standoff

Great Servers: Idea contributed by LeFizzy

  • 1234War [?]
  • Build for Your life [USA]
  • Build Like A Boss [Hu]
  • Destiny-Server - Classmode [Hu]
  • EpsilonIRC [?]
  • Goonhaven [USA]
  • Jestservers [?]
  • Ki11aWi11 [?]
  • Komrades.org [?]
  • Minit [Se, USA]
  • Progamehost.hu [Hu]
  • Shams Little Pony [?]
  • Stormwind servers [UK?]

There are many more. Too many to list. It’s sad looking back at all the people we’ve lost, but people get busy with life, bored, or simply just have to grow up. We’ve all spent time in this game and developed friends and frienemies. Time to look forward to the future and all the new people that will join!

No Simox :c

basically all old forum staff/all old mappers
also is stack still alive?

I’m immortal

I’m adding don’t worry :slight_smile:

No clue, but if you know of any good modders/mappers that you want me to add that quit just let me know and I’ll add them.

LOL played with SpartanFrog on infiltration about a week or 2 ago.

- roy
- Buzzkill

Wait, Tyler’s dead?

Lone isn’t dead, his aloha account is ‘anonymous’

tank, tgm, (ben if he counts idk), joejoe, dany0, yourself, uvs, enari, every other minit staff member ever, sham, hompy, rauder

I just listed people I haven’t seen in a long time. I didn’t want to message each and every person and ask if they were dead. Also, I haven’t seen Lone_Wolf in game in forever, so I didn’t know. Does he still play?

Also, please put additions in with their full username and in hyphenated format.


  • Lutry281
  • BurnedKnife

That way I don’t have to guess usernames. Everyone that followed the format I added so far

Lostmotel is dead, i can cofirm this


R.I.P. Tyler, you sexy son of a bitch. ;_;

You got to see your obituary before you died. Lucky. Anywho, you were removed. Nice to see you’re still alive. :slight_smile:

TBH, haven’t played with you in a while Tyler.

Why are Ohh and Sirs on the great clan list?

Edit: RS was twice as good as both of them. Even Yum! was better.

If you want them added just put down the proper format and say so lol. You don’t need to insult anyone.

why is sirs under great clans? wasn’t even 3 months old
also what is 17th

You forgot Dakotta, SatouKun, TheGeekZeke and Pavel

17th is an old clan I was in.
Somehow I found this screenshot that still is up. I have no clue why mediafire hasn’t deleted it. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?s6tr6mnebu5034u#

I put Dakotta already, and I’ll add TheGeekZeke, but you really need to put people in the proper format. I only know TheGeekZeke101’s name because I’ve seen him in game. Put the full username please. :slight_smile:

You should make a list of the people that remain instead.

Wouldn’t that basically be the aloha.pk member’s list lol?