The Best Animation Ever!

Made by me.
H8 or Like.



nice job

So edgy that it’s not edgy.



I thought in the final there would be a screamer

Thanks for the idea. I think in the future, if I continue to make short animated pieces I’ll post my progress here somewhere for feedback before the final product is published. I’ve uploaded an updated version with the scream.

did you get this idea from that one reddit post

Yup. Though it would be a great animation to begin with.

If you want to use a very good screamer,


Thanks, it looks good but I’m done with editing this vid. Also for my next this idea I’m thinking about making a funny video called “Uber is ISIS”, but it ain’t gonna be about the taxi incident. This time, it’s gonna be about taxi drivers becoming a part of ISIS which will feature a bunch of jokes along the way. I’m going to need to find another animation software to learn and use, because I used CS6 for this and the amount of layers I made is insane. If I can find a free animation software, then it’ll probably cut down some of the production time if it’s actually meant to create animations.

Make it happier next time, thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s great. 10/10.

I’ll try.

10/10 IGN?

Nope. Just 10 out of 10.