The Anime Topic

Since I’ve seen quite a few people on here that has anime characters as their avatars, it’d be nice to discuss about some of your favorite animes and other such stuff.

I, myself started watching anime just this year believe it or not and yes, I got somewhat addicted to some of the good ones out there. Namely, Steins;Gate, FMA: Brotherhood, Serial Experiment Lain, Girls und Panzer and some Kyo-Ani productions like Clannad and Haruhi Suzumiya.

What about you guys?

Soul Eater; Swords Art Online; Asu no Yoichi; Clannad (Best Anime Ever!); Naruto; Bleach; Bamboo Blade; Futakoi; Air Gear; Hikaru no Go; Black Cat; and obviously Pokemon. I watched a lot more, just can’t remember the names >_>

Hehe, yeah there’s a lot that I’ve watched since.

I went for those that were recommended by critics and now I’m almost out of those recommended animes so I’m still finding something worth watching.

blackrock shooter

Sorry guys RWBY for the win :smiley:

Eh, I don’t find ‘RWBY’ a real anime. Most anime reviewers would also say the same about it. The fact is because the word ‘anime’ is used to distinguish Japanese animated shows from others and all anime are usually created by Japanese companies but RWBY is made by Roosterteeth based in America. Though this might sound wrong, it’s a fact. I do like RWBY for its action but the story itself doesn’t suit my taste.

I’ve heard of it and many of the reviews I’ve seen said it lacked or misused its potentials.

One Piece

Made it to episode 300 something and stopped…Too damn long lol, I lost interest in it.

Its worth the wait.