Test post for the love of br tags

The biggest question in the current universe, or the vast expanses of my mind is if br tags are real. Did we always use them and are they actually needed or a cosmic joke to fool the masses of sheep. I also wonder who invented them. What does the br stand for? Break reality, break rules, break rarecatsoutofjail? Brazilian? Who knows

The next question is if they actually work for real, or if the preview function of this forum is only trolling me, br tags are after all a weird occurrence in plain view. So lets try some magic.

This should be a new paragraph since I pressed the enter key, but br might not want that to work, enter is after all an antagonizing concept for reality breaks. Lets try one.

The question is if this space is actually bigger than presing the enter or not?

Should we try again?

Is it really a larger space or are we going mad?

Now lets question this sneaky maybe not real tag, did it work out or was it just trolling my insane mind to make this post look weird? We might never know since I will probably not be able to edit my own post tomorrow when I wake up out of my br tag craze. Some people would call this madness but I call it perfection.

Some more enter strokes above this line. 7 to be exact. Why is the linespacing so big? 1.5? 1.25? A subject for next topic maybe? Did it not work? Maddening?

Lets also try something else

  • I like cats
  • I like br stuff
  • I like snails

Fairly certain the br is to be blamed for silly spacing above too but probably not. It might all be a lie so lets end with one enter stroke.

Now lets try some more break reality tags.

The question is will it work? Or will I only look crazy when I post this topic and have been trolled all along due to errors in preview? We will probably never find out.

Until next time. Sleep tight.