Talk story only in a language

vote on your favorite language, then we have conversations

I would give a link for google translate in your first post. Also, latin would be awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Latin plz :3

inb4 google translate

Anything but French.

Pourquoi monsieur? Français c’est très excellente! Vous n’avez pas l information pour la Français? Tu dois acheter un livre pour Français!

I dont like french for some reason, maybe cause i am bad at it.

Doss?? Porquoi?

Algum br?

But I like German. Lasst uns nicht stumm sein. Deutsch ist die beste.

Well, it seems we are going with Spanish…
Its just too mainstream for me.

I see that all the time in AoS along with people named Matheus_br

Am I the only guy who wants Japanese?
Konichiwa! Watashiwa, Pokefan548 desu.