Admins, you did not think to improve the site, in particular - add tags?

What do you mean by tags?

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They are shown in the general list of topics. You can filter by them, etc.

The site is fine how it is. There is a search feature if you have a particular topic in mind.

Seriously? )))
It is 10 years old, if not more.
One typography kills. I got sick of formatting bulleted lists. Where is the modern quick markup?

Search seems to give the same thing as a tag filter, but there is a big difference - to start looking, you need to know what you are looking for. And tags can be collected in a tag cloud, which the user can capture at a glance, and immediately know that this site has this and that.

to be honest i don’t like the search system. Doesn’t work fine for me unless i don’t know how to use it. but there i go: i search the name of a topic or something that’s inside the thread and i get anything unless the expected

At this point the amount of posts is small so posts even from months ago are at the top still.