SuperCool Build Batman Game

Hey! I just finished sorting out some bugs with my game on Supercool Build! The game puts you into the shoes of Batman. You have to go on multiple missions to save Gotham City! I highly suggest you guys try it out. It can be a bit challenging :smiley: Go to sector H6, and spade the pink block to start. Remember: Always spade any pink blocks!

Let me know if you guys like it!

Well done, Ferrari! My only suggestion is that there should be a heal after the whole bane’s prison escape thing. I finished it with 13 hp with the fear of dying to having to start over again.

Glad you liked it. Health regeneration added when you hop into the batmobile for the next mission. Thanks for the suggestion Anonymous!

I did it some time ago and liked it, wonder if theres anything new.

We need a prison thingy game mode.

Cops and robbers would be epic, which was a playtime activity I did as a child. Maybe blue would be cops and greens are robbers. The map would be a little enclosed and cops will spade robbers which will teleport them to a prison hold which can’t be broken into and no damage can be done. If greens cap intel, all prisoners get released. Easy to type but idk how to make it.

That would be amazing. :o
Btw, I am working on all new missions for the game. I only have one good idea, so if you have any missions to suggest, I might consider using them!

that would be soooo AWESOME :slight_smile:

After a few glitches solved, and a lot of hours put in, the new update is finished!


  1. NEW MISSION ADDED - Prison Standoff
  2. Bugged/invincible blocks destroyed (Thanks BR & 8x)
  3. Added 100+ health when you find Joker in maze
  4. Fixed keypad and broken door at Catwomen chase
  5. Nearly ALL blocks have the quiet mode programmed in
  6. Mixed holes in roof and walls
  7. Fixed location of buttons in batcave and catwomen chase
  8. Took out unwanted chat messages
  9. Fixed first entrance, tp wasn’t working
  10. Improved spelling in one or two places

Nice i will check it out tomorrow!

Hey fer how come I never see you on supercoolbuild if you want gmail me cause i barely see you now at if you want lol.

Also how do I put a picture to go with Ace the king??? ??? I don’t know.

i cant stop playing :slight_smile:

Nice I will check it out ¦~]°½

Hope it updates more soon ::slight_smile:

Nice Game, ;D

I really took some time in the first mission, but somehow I saw that The Joker had a darker color. xD

Thanks Gabrui, glad you liked it! I’m pretty sure that the hostages are all the same color, so it might have been a shadow effect you were seeing. Anways, I’m currently working on the final mission of the game. It’s a pretty elaborate one, so it’s taking a lot of time. Also, I’m happy to say that I have used all of the room in my sector for my game! Wow!

Really? Uh, but it was like a psychic moment, really strange. :o
I felt it was him.

So is there no way to differentiate him from the others? Are you sure? ::slight_smile:

i cant wait to check it out ferrari :smiley:

Pardon the necro, but I am finally done with the game! The last mission is a big one, and I hope it impresses. Over 250 commands are used in the last mission, which took forever. Hope you check it out, and hope you enjoy it!