Super bowl party!

[shadow=red,left]SUPER BOWL TIME PARTY![/shadow]

BRORROROONNCCOOSOSOSOSO AHAHAHAHHAHAHA but they’re losing so far, they can still win tho ;)))

I laugh sooooo hard everytime the Broncos have a turnover… I’m literally laughing nonstop xD hey, at least they got a touchdown

shut up bitch seahawks lost once at the worst team so i have no idea why the broncos didnt win.

wtf is the super bowl?

Your right, the Broncos are the better team, but they performed tttteeeeerrrrrriiiiibbbbbblllllyyyyy…

This was good because Patriots masterteam

[shadow=red,left]SEA HAWKS WON! SEAHAWKS WON![/shadow]

Great soccer game (Didn’t watch it anyways :P)

omg LOL SOCCER? football** xDDDddFdhgkekej

Football = Uses one’s foot to hit the ball = Soccer

American Football = Similar to Rugby but more serious with more safety gear on