Suggestions by Zim350

Hello to all aloha players!
I have some suggestions which could make even better servers.

1. Why are not prohibited players who put insulting names like: nigga , bitches? Among other names, which are insulting or more or less so for players.

2. What if created a facebook page or rather a group of “closed” or “public” character, in which players can also publish things such as their ban appeals, packages Of “texture” and among other things. For me it could be great.

3. As I said before, there should be a voting method in which players can choose other maps if they last long, something like: /votemap, could be great.

4. Eventually it takes more administrators supervising and watching the players do not use hacks, the server is full, but there are not many administrators present, until a few days ago I noticed that there was a hack which already had 3 hours hacking and still nothing that Banned, this would be even more necessary.

Thank you for reading.

  • Zim350 -

If you mean why they aren’t banned or kicked? I quests its up to the admin. Not everyone is insulted or disgusted by these names. Welcome to the internet. We do have limits on what is allowed but its entirely up to the admin to enforce it iirc.

A face book page is a good idea but not for ban appeals imo.

I think i’ve also mentioned this also but limitations would need to be in placed. IMO a vote map feature should be activated when the intel cap reaches around 8ish caps and randomly chooses 3 maps for players to vote on. I can see a /votemap being abused.

Admins are humans they have a life outside of AoS and can’t be on 24/7. If you see a hacker then please follow the steps in the abuse section.

You seem to be right about the 4 suggestions. :-\

  1. Alot of people are mostly offended by profanity. Fold a whole sheet of paper into a 1/8, that represents the people who are almost impenetrable with profanity and offensive words.

  2. If we added votemaping, most prepubescent kids would pick a shit map they always use for camping, griefing, and/or just being autistic and call it a “SHIET MUP” because they got spaded.

  3. Eightish capmaps sound good.