[suggestion] - Pinpoint: autokick griefers!

I love to build! But when a griefer begins to destroy my towers I dont deny open votekick… and sometimes they aren’t kicked :frowning:

So, I propose we have autokick players on pinpoint servers! No more votekicks for griefing!

How would it work?
I dont know if it is easy to do, but the game should identify players that have destroyed more than 30 blocks (of other players) in 30 seconds, and if that happen, kick them for 15 min at least.

I hope you like it…

if I do this for each one that appears I get crazy! lol
have you played there these days?

Sure. Therefore, only could be kicked the one that destroy your own team buildings.

What if they are destroying a structure that has been up for a while and the created has already left.

Or, a player is “griefing” by spamming blocks everywhere, and when someone tries to clean up they would be kicked.

i guess u didnt understand that yet… i was playing on green now aos://1379434439:31887 and a player destroyed my building in 2 minutes!
i like to do useful buildings only…
the nick of the griefer is “human killer”. i reported him with /admin, then i came here to answer you and he left - but its not important. what matters is that he entered the game, destroyed and got out aaaaaand the admin did nothing.

griefers put buildings down - its more than 30 blocks in 30 seconds…

you all are almost making me give up! ahahahahah

my second option is: players cant change team during the match. and now? haha
and the last option (im)possible is: to have a moderator online on the server everytime. :confused:

It sucks, I’m sorry. /Admin is really the only way to go, as you’re right: votekicks don’t often work.

I believe you can teamkill on pinpoint. If someone destroys your blocks, you have 2 seconds to shoot them.

the only anti grief measure I like, is the one minit had where you couldn’t remove blocks untill you had a certain number of kills.

yea I loved that
that controlled griefing for some time and forced them to play instead of annoying the team

I feel that might not be a viable solution - right now when there are votekicks people spam /y and do other tricks to get people to vote, but even that doesn’t reach 100% or close to, of the people (in a full server, the less people on the server the higher the chance of a successful votekick) The fact of the matter is, people just won’t vote even if they know a votekick is happening.

I know you can teamkill someone who has destroyed your blocks, either with a spade or a gun (but not grenades). I did think the amount of time allowed was 5 seconds though, as this is the default for Pysnip servers.

You can’t teamkill with spade unsmart one.

Honestly, I like the idea of griefers being removed from destroying a certain amount of blocks and being banned for 15 or more mins. It shouldn’t matter how many seconds someone destroys blocks, it should matter on how many blocks they destroy that is not theres. Other than their own or the enemies blocks of course. Even so, if they do destroy a certain amount of blocks, they should be disabled from building which will show the player is griefing and it is up to the admins if they should remove the player or not. Either way, they won’t be able to grief.

like SnIpEr suggested, you could use notminecraft.py and set “NOTMINECRAFT_KILLS_FOR_BREAK” to 5 or something like that.
“NOTMINECRAFT_KILLS_FOR_BUILD” should be kept to 0 kills since quite a few players want to start building right after they joined.

griefing has been a problem since day one. it’s difficult to balance it with anti grief measures without taking away what makes this game unique. punishing players for removing blocks? but then griefers will grief by placing blocks. because pinpoint is so small, maybe it would make sense to award a build/destroy credit of something like five blocks per kill. so if you kill two enemies, then you have a total of ten build/destroy credits to play around with; maybe you would build seven blocks and destroy three blocks, or maybe you would build two blocks and destroy eight blocks, etc., etc.

even that idea takes away from the game a little because there will always be people that only want to build huge forts or something and aren’t that skilled at killing.

Minit used to have an alert that detected when someone broke x amount of blocks placed by their team, that might help cut down on griefing

Most players who enter the game to grief don’t take the effort of killing at all. They’re probably just too lazy, only there to annoy others.

So what if you enable to possibility to build/remove blocks after 5 kills? It might not keep away all griefers, but some still. Players who want to build shouldn’t have a problem with getting five kills first, right?

I don’t believe it should be implemented izzy explained it nicely the best thing you could do if theres a greifer and no admin is responding is take 3 screen shots showing him greifing with a /gc in each (again it was to show him greifing my recommendation is 6-8 screenshots with /gc i. Each and showing the guy greifing. I’ll do the once in a few greifer crusade if theres a ton of greifers one day where I solely catch greifers and a hackers if they do pop up.

Edit: Also what if there are no players the 5 kill system won’t work.

I don’t like the idea of killing to build or destroy; it ruins the game more than it’s going to help. I like a detection system better than one that kicks “griefers” or limits building or destroying.

Been playing Pinpoint for awhile now, so here’s my 2cents:

Griefing is a darn problem! It has been, it always will be. There’s no fix, there never will be. Even when 5 admins are online there will be griefing.

A simple way to make griefing harder, which I think will drastically help, is make it so you have to reach a certain # of kills before breaking/building. Not too many kills, but enough.

This will help a lot, I think. But there will always be people who switch teams to grief, grief when get bored of killing, ect.