Suggestion for Server Settings

Max Players 32 No Comment on this setting
PUNKBUSTER ON Don’t want cheater
3P Vehicle Cameras OFF Don’t you think this makes the game not realistic?
Kill Cam OFF If you’re sniper, you’re behind enemy lines, you don’t want to give away you position, right?
CrossHair OFF Disable this would add more realistic to the game
Minimap Spotting ON Good old BF2 spotting is much better
Need Password OFF No Comment on this setting
Friendly Fire ON No Comment on this setting
Auto Balance ON Balance team is important
Minimap ON Need this on for Minimap Spotting
3D Spotting OFF Hate this function so much, many player can’t see a enemy but shooting orange triangle to get kills
Hardcore Mode OFF No Comment on this setting

i like this config, it would make the game more challenging and interesting. no crosshair might be too extreme for the average player though. changing any of those settings will label the server as hardcore.

it does sound fun. i’d like to at least try it and maybe do it more often if the response from players is positive enough. what do you guys think?

if at least one of those settings isn’t default the server will be labeled as hardcore:

if you filter out hardcore servers like i do you won’t see it at all:

There are 2 version of Hardcore icon, the Gray Hardcore means that the server is Semi-Hardcore, the Yellow Hardcore means that is Full-Hardcore.

I played a round, so far so good, at least without that 3D “Wallhack” spotting, the cover is indeed protecting me, not being killed by some “Followed Fire”(some player just keep shooting orange triangle even they can’t actually see the enemy) .

yes, the tokyo server is temporarily using these non-default settings right now:

3D spotting = off
kill cam = off
3rd person vehicle cams = off

i like it this way but i wonder if others do?

i’ll reply here again when the settings are back to default

back to defaults

Any negative respond on turning off the 3D Spotting? With my opinion I think that’s much better with 3D Spotting turned off, that require me to more rely on the minimap. Don’t you agree with that?

Wasn’t around this weekend - how did those settings work out in the end?

i do agree and i think it makes the game much more interesting.

but i’m concerned about killing the server’s population because the past 24 hours using those settings have been the most inactive in the server’s history. the server was mostly full an hour or two after applying the settings but then everyone left and it stayed empty ever since. usually it doesn’t stay empty this long. maybe it’s just a coincidence, but maybe not. we will try those settings again (only 3D spotting = off next time?) but i’d prefer to do it occasionally when we can monitor how changes like that might affect the server’s population. if response is positive and population stays up i say we make the settings permanent. we should try friendly fire too because it seems like most of us around here like it.

when do you guys usually play? we should try this again when most of us are on at the same time.

btw harry i didn’t notice any negative feedback but there was some talk in the logs about “spotting not working” so obviously some people were confused. and those were just the people who spoke in English so i have no idea what the non-English speakers thought. it would be really good if we have multilinguals around next time we do it so we can get more feedback. Balancer i know you understand Japanese and i think you can write romaji so i hope you can be around :slight_smile:

I usually play in the evenings but last weekend and the lead up to it I was busy so didn’t get a chance! Should be around this week more so… just let me know when you’re planning to make a change and I’ll try to be on.

Had an idea about changes - maybe modifying one variable at a time could be worth considering? Might help people better understand what is happening to their gameplay experience and could make it easier to identify if one particular thing doesn’t go down too well. (Just an idea.)

Finally, I think I read that procon has a message of the day setting? Since I know the server also has in-game announcements on a rotation, if you let me know what you would like to say, I can create some japanese versions of the messages. Or I can stand with a clipboard at B and ask people what they think.



well being around just in case anyone says anything about the changes so you can explain that we’re testing settings and ask them what they like or don’t like (and why) is more what i have in mind.

adding some Japanese versions of the automated messages is a good idea. but just a few because although most of the players are from Japan there are many others from all over other parts of Asia. each message is limited to 100 chars. for starters we need a greeting, some info about us and the server including details about the settings, and invitations to visit this site. some examples:

hello! thanks for playing here! this is a 24/7 heavy metal server located in tokyo, japan. have fun!
attention! the deployment zones are protected! you may be auto punished if you attack near them!
we are aloha player killers. we’re like a family from all around the world. join us
we’re trying new settings! currently 3D spotting is off. tell us how you feel about it
this server has live stats! type !rank or visit to see detailed stats
do you have something to say? please visit our Japanese forum

regarding the last message: i’d like to have a Japanese bfbc2 sub-forum linked from the front page menu so Japanese players who don’t know English can find it easily and participate in discussions. a lot of the site’s visitors are from Japan but barely any of them browse beyond the front page so i’m wondering if the language barrier is the reason why. i don’t know if you’d be up to it but obviously i don’t know Japanese so someone like yourself would have to be in charge of that forum; moderating it, communicating with posters, and passing on important information. you’d be perfect.

and yeah, one variable at a time is a good plan. let’s do that. start with 3D spotting off since harry hates it so much. this weekend sometime, starting around 5ish Friday evening Japan time will probably be good for me. does that work for you?

Hey, this Friday is a national holiday for Japan so, fine by me 8)

I’ve created the following messages. (Disclaimer: am sure they’re not perfect.)

Youkoso to Osewaninarimasu! Kono sabaha Tokyono 24/7 HEAVY METALno desu! Tanoshimi shite kudasai!
(Welcome and thank you for joining! This is a Tokyo 24/7 Heavy Metal server! Please have fun!)

Okiwotsukete! Rikugun kichino eriaha hogo desu! Chikakuni kougekishitara, jidoutekini basshimasu!
(Take care! Base areas are protected! If you attack from nearby, there is automatic punishment!)

Watashitachiha ALOHA PLAYER KILLERS gruppo desu. Atarashii nihonngono fuoramu:
(We are the Aloha Player Killers group. New Japanese forum:

Ima atarashii hensuu wo shiuntenn shitemiteimasu! Genzaiha (3D-spot)ha mukouni shitemasu. komento?
(Now we are test running new settings! Currently 3D spotting is disabled. Any comments?)

Kono sabaha raibu doukeiga arimasu. !rank wo tuite kudasai. Soretemo, de arimasu!
(This server has live statistics. Please type !rank. Or, it’s at !)

Komenntoga arimasu ka? Zehi, ALOHA no nihonngono fuoramu wo houmon shitekudasai:
(Do you have any comments? By all means, pay a visit to Aloha’s Japanese forum:

As to the bfbc2 sub-forum being made in Japanese, I’m pretty sure there’s some interest. From today I’ve started to log on at quieter times and asking people (passively) whether they’d visited the aloha site (no)/ if they understand english (not really)/ can they read hiragana in their client (no)/ what they think about having some Japanese website (sure, why not?). There were a few guys who responded so I will keep exploring that avenue. I’ll try and help you out as best I can… can the site be localized? (for signups etc)

Anyway, see you on Friday if not earlier…

excellent, thanks so much for creating these messages. i’ll add a few to the server now and the rest later when we start testing the settings and get the Japanese forum going.

yeah, the site can be localized but it will take some time to setup because each language file has to be tweaked to work properly with all of the customizations. as you probably know the translations can be pretty goofy, but i guess that’s better than none at all. i’d like to get the Japanese forum rolling as soon as possible so maybe for now we should just have a “how to post messages” thread in there that links to and explains how to get started in Japanese.


subject: [i]how to post messages

you must have an account and be logged in to it to post messages here. it’s easy and takes only a few seconds to create one!

go to[/i]

“Username” your name as you want it to be seen by others on this site
“Email” your e-mail address
“Allow users to email me” check this if you want to allow other members to e-mail you from this site
“Choose password” your secret password
“Verify password” the same secret password as above

click “Register” [i]to create your account!

button descriptions:[/i]

create your own topic

respond to someone’s existing topic

submit your message

of course the stuff in italics would be written in Japanese.

how do you write “Japanese forum” (or board, or section, or…?) in Japanese?


2ちゃんねる(にちゃんねる)は、日本最大の電子掲示板サイトである。略して「にちゃん」「2ch」などとも表記される。 Source:

I’m a Hong Kong citizen(once rule by Britain before 1997), but I want to learn Japanese, any idea how to learn anyway?

In my opinion I don’t think 3P Vehicle Cameras does affect the gameplay a lot, feel free to turn that on or off. But 3D Spotting is just the worst function implemented into Battlefield franchise, that function make my hiding skills useless in the battlefield >:(

Check out the discussion on EAUK forum how people think about 3D spotting:

Totally agree with this reply:

3d spotting was a terrible idea, it was made for noobs that don't know how to use a map.

lol, i also think 3D spotting dumbs down the gameplay and makes it more friendly for newbies. but what if the players who play regularly feel “empty” without it and don’t return after we disable it, decreasing the server’s popularity? that’s what i’m concerned about.

i’m all for disabling third person vehicle cams, by the way.

Balancer’s idea about changing only one variable at a time is smart because that way the changes won’t be so shocking to “regulars” and we’ll have a better idea of what’s liked and disliked. we’ll get to the other changes eventually, let’s just take our time.

thanks, i’ll use this for now. if there’s a better way to write it please reply with corrections!

i’m going to work on the Japanese localization later tonight when i get home. it should work by tomorrow if all goes smoothly.