Suggestion: Boot a player from the 30-45 Minute AFK mark

Isn’t it a lovely day… for another day of fragging out on AoS, on your favorite server, on a filled-up server. But Lo and behold, you get that “Server Full” notification. And after 10-15 attempted entries later, you walk over here, check the server status and see one player afk… FOR AN HOUR!?

Gentlemen and (Possibly) Ladies, who here had been waiting for 10+ minutes for a clear spot in their AoS lifetime? Because I have a suggestion: Once a player who has been AFK for about 30-45 minutes, they should be automatically kicked, regardless of reason or none. Any comments on this?

I agree that players should be kicked for being inactive for 30 minutes.

Its a good idea.


/y for airstrike

I was under the impression we had a system in function that auto kicked them after 10 mins of being in a state of afk.

Was my knowledge incorrect?

Who said it was a votekick?

Servers where afkers can destroy gameplay have that script, usually arena maps and such.

Ah, thank you for the clarification.

I say yes to that :smiley: