[SUGGESTION] All-black maps server

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know how to do any of this.

Several well-known (or not-so) maps in rotation, each turned all black with black fog and a black sky where applicable. Maps like Hallway, Pinpoint2, that one with the mountain and the river, Lard. Hell, even AoS Museum. All black. No hints. If you guess the map, you’re that much better off than those who don’t.
Instead of “map is XXXX by YYYY,” it could say “map blacked by ZZZZ.”
Teams could be black and purple. OR if Free-for-All, both black.
Yes it would make it difficult to find the intel(s), tents, teammates and enemies. That’s why any time limits would be super stretched or removed. Especially in Arena.
Seems like a lot of work for a joke, but maybe just the Arena Top 10 server for 4/1/2015?

Thoughts? Concerns?

I actually really like this idea.

I like the idea but there isn’t a big enough player base to keep dividing via the servers.

Can we just get rid of servers that people NEVER play?

… How do you know players never plays in that server…

I think he meant the servers that anyone barely plays on

Ex. Last stand, Fort wars, Tennis, etc.


So get rid of 70% did I get you right? I like all the game modes…

lmao Honestly though. Any other suggestions to repopulate the servers then?

What if a map in a rotation was a blackout. Is tht possible?

This isn’t me saying “This happens, or I’m not playing,” by the way. I doubt anyone would care. But if it DID happen, I’d want to play it.

I’d give up Black and/or Purple uniforms for a blacked map to be in rotation. Or is blackout a term I haven’t learned yet?

Sounds cool, but I think it would only work well if the team colors were to be changed.

Green players on a dark map are at a SIGNIFICANT disadvantage because of the color contrast. I can’t remember the map names, but you’ll know what I mean if you’ve played that graveyard themed map on Babel, or that one map on Arena where the Green team is forced to play defensively because of how difficult it is to see the Blue team.

Nice idea, though imo it would offer a vote at the start. I have nothing against hopping on randomly and doing the idea manually after asking if anyone had objections.

I put up an experimental server with a blacked out normandie (noirmandie, get it?)

I can throw some other maps up there too, but I felt this would be fun. It is really bizarre feeling.

Yeah, maybe the maps should have names after all.

Oh! Maybe white grid lines on top of everything.

Interesting. I was just expecting a normal Normandie with a black fog.

screenshot, join server if you want to see for yourself



This is a pretty cool experience. Thanks Danke… Just a suggestion, but can we have flat map instead of normandie? I feel like a flatter map like pinpoint would be easier to navigate. On pp, if we kept the water red, and had everything else a blackout, that would be a pretty cool contrast.

It’d be nice if every minute or so the fog would change back to the default for a few seconds so people can get an idea of where to go and see the enemy.