Star Made

There is a very fun free game called Star Made.
It is very similar to Minecraft, except that you are in space, and you create spaceships.
I do recommend that it be checked out, and I one day hope that we may have a server supporting it.


getting it now. 8)

lol got me a little fiesta ship.

that had better not be your ship in the picture jyrome.

I wish i had a better computer to be able to play this :C

If you can play Minecraft, you can play this.
Star Made takes up less that MC.

Tis’ true dosss takes less than minecraft although I can’t connect to any multiplayer servers.

I can just play minecraft CLASSIC in fog distance short, so yeah, not gonna happen until i get a new one :I

Actually I do the same thing. In minecraft for me not to have serious lag I have to play render distance short, max fps, no clouds, no shadows. but I can play starmade just fine beside the multiplayer thing.

Once you salvage an enemy space station, you have enough money to build any ship (within reason).
But here are some tips.
Add weapons before completing the outer hull.
Have your weapons control room(s) safe but easily accessible.
To have an infinite supply of a material, build a ship of the material you want, catalogue it then buy it multiple times.
Throw a lot of plex doors into open spaces and toggle them open when you do not need them.
Bury a emergency set of engines deep inside your ship.

Hm. I’ve sacked a station, but I’ve learned that you get what you pay for. Once your shield goes down that regular grey/black/green/blue/red hull you get from stations doesn’t last long VS. 4 pirate ships and their home base.

They cut through that like butter.

I didn’t think about putting more than one weapon controller in my ship, I will install the last resort engines as soon as possible, what are the stats on your ship?

btw is your hull hardened or regular?

Starcraft 2 battlecruiserrr YEAAAA BUDDYY

Sell all the hull you get from stations, if it is an enemy station the blue ice block are worth a lot of money.

I have multiple ships.
Listed in order of both size and date of creation.

so my stats are as follows:

Calipso (without cannons)
Mass 449.9
Power 22290 seconds
Thrust 599.4
Shields 846 seconds

Mass 256
Power 13033 seconds
Thrust 358
Shields 166 seconds

Mass 70
Power 3187 seconds
Thrust 79.9
Shields 8 seconds

Slug Interceptor
Mass 24
Power 1404 seconds
Thrust 66.9
Shields 4 seconds

On Calipso the hull is all hardened, the Kestral only the important bits are covered in hardened and the others were from my early game so they are made out of mostly scrap and normal hull.

I would post pictures But I do not know how to take them in Star Made.

Any other people who play this game, can you post your account name and some tips? My IGN: Wolf_Legion

Make sure your targets shield is down before shooting a missile, this may be a bug but if you do shoot on it will not detonate.

If you have multiple lengths of the same cannon type, I recommend having more than one weapon computer to control them.

Have several SD Cockpits so you can bury your core and not have to worry about one or two cockpits being shot out.

To kill Pirates try breaking up the group by having some of them follow you while some stay behind.

Though I have no personal experience with ship healing, it is recommended that you that you dock a healer ship to you fighting ship and switch between them to heal during battle.

My Universal username is Jyromefedx

I’m slowly converting all my hull to hardened, I am currently adding two turrents to the wings on my ship so as to help defend it when I leave it to walk a planet. I’m ever making the ship larger adding small pieces on as I find I need more.

Nice, you went for the Ol snow ball plan, keep building up.

I just build a new ship each time. I have yet to use turrets though, tell me if they are useful.

What are the point of planets? And I have no idea why I cannot access multiplayer servers.

You can gather sellable materials from planets, wood,cacti,planetary ice all sell for a pretty penny.
Plants give a choice or having one as a base.

thanks for suggesting this game, looks like fun.

we now have a StarMade server - purely vanilla/default settings at

let’s play!

please post suggestions for the server here.

Thanks Izzy, I plan to name a ship after you.