Sprites, sprites and sprites again

You all know I'm into making these. This was my latest release :smiley:

USS OR - 1.6.png

Wow, pretty cool. Why don’t you make a game with them? Gamemaker is intuitive, easy, and free.

sponsered by gamemaker

Yeah, 10K a month ez. No, it’s just the easiest to use for people that don’t know how to code. If you do know how to code there are plenty of other programs out there though.

Just use Stencyl. I’ve made plenty of games with it, you will get used to it fast, master coder Senpai.

Never call me Senpai, please.

XD mk

“Monsta senpai, please notice me~!”

I smell a game coming out. :smiley:
Nice sprites. :smiley: