Spider stories

So my name is Taesun and I’m 24 years old, I have 1 big fear which is SPIDERS I don’t know why I’m scared of them but I just am.

Last week I moved in to my own apartment, nice clean and so and so…this week It got pretty messy since I’m a messy person but not that messy. I was watching TV at around 3am and saw something BOUNCE across the TV… I froze for 1 minute slowly grabbing my pillow…Then I saw it THERE WAS A WOLF SPIDER IN MY BEDROOM. Oh my goodness I felt like my heart stopped at that moment when I saw it jumping around the room…(My TV was on the ground since I haven’t bought a table for it) It was bigger than my hand…I ran outside as fast as I could and shut the door behind me. I didn’t go in my bedroom for 3 days straight Most of my clothes were in boxes still I went in the bedroom after the 4Th day and I didn’t see it ANYWHERE I kept looking behind me in case it would surprise me I even bought bug spray and sprayed it all over my room spelled like pine for a few hours. I moved my mattress since I haven’t bought a frame for it yet and no sight of the dang spider… I got a see through glass cup and a piece of paper and sat in the corner of my room just waiting for anything to move… I saw it IT GOT BIGGER… I got hairspray ( YES I KEEP HAIRSPRAY AROUND THE HOUSE) and drowned it with it but it was moving still so I screamed at the top of my lungs like I was attacking a serial killer ( I sounded like a girl o-o ) and jammed the see through glass cup on top of it, taped the cup to the ground and now it’s my pet! I’m not sure if its dead yet but hopefully soon it will die.

Share your spider stories!

That’s pretty disturbing, Taesun. Talk about cruelty to animals - wait till one of those PETA freaks reads this! Naa they wont have a chance you will probably knock the glass over in your sleep and then the spider will simply be hungrier and free. It will probably lay eggs and thousands of baby spiders will soon hatch in your apartment. You have to put it in aos context. If you are blue and you captured a green, would you just tie him up and leave his rifle or smg next to him? I don’t think so, you would jump up and put multiple bullets in him right between the eyes. All while knowing you will be safe till respawn. So, take your hairspray in one hand and a lighter in the other, kick over the glasss with your foot, spray towards the spider while lighting the fumes. POOOOF you got him burned into oblivion. now he cant crawl in your ear and lay egg sacks that will hatch thousands of baby spiders that will crawl through your brain.

One problem with that theory Bucket, what makes the hairspray ignite? the Fumes. Where do the Fumes come from? In the can. What happens if the fire decides to follow it into the can? Correct. BOOM You have now just obliterated your hand.

Now, back to my not so scary spider story.
I was sitting in my bed one night reading with a light, and felt a odd sensation on my right shoulder. I glanced over and one of those brown spiders, almost the size of palm, was sitting on my shoulder. I then proceeded to decimate it with my hand. I then spent the next 4 hours checking my room for more.

The stuff used to propel the stuff outta the can, I can’t think of the name right now, propels the stuff at over 100mph. I don’t think you have to worry about it making it’s way back to the can.

lol yeah it was aerosol cans no pump bottles and it was highly flammable “ALL” was a very popular brand and “white rain”. they made cool flame throwers until you singed some hair off. just youtube it theres plenty of hairspray flamethrowers im sure.

Only if you do it right, I have had them come back at me before, but I threw the lighter and can in opposite directions before it got to the can, and it goes slowly towards, not instant.

:stuck_out_tongue: I live in Washington