Spawnkilling should be illegal.

Spawnkilling is the most ridiculous thing the enemy team can do. It's not even fair! I've played in hallway during matches where I spent more time looking at the death screen than playing the game! I often hear things like "it's just a game", but when you don't even have a chance to play it before getting killed, what is it then? I understand in gamemodes like R1CTF, CTF, and infiltration, running in to get the intel and killing a fresh spawn simply because he was a major liability to the mission, but when people spawn camp instead of capping the intel, it completely makes the purpose of the modes irrelevant. All it does is ruin the game and keep people from having the fun they hit "Join server" to have.

i do not agree with your point a view…

although it is annoying… if you can not kill a few spawn campers then you need to practice more…

its a fundamental part of the game and you would do it the instance you get a change…

just because you can’t get out of spawn doesn’t mean you should criticize other players…

play the game or rage quite… your choice

personally i believe that spawn killing is a suicidal mission…

mathematically without hacks your not going to make it out a live…

the longer you stay there the more people will end up at spawn and somebody is bound to be able to kill them…

and besides they will never last longer then a couple minuets…

don’t complain because you can’t play

Spawnkilling causes good players to shine, in hallway expecially.
Tank was well known for being great at killing spawncampers in the walls and I was also really good at it.
I actually like the fact that people like to sit in front of my spawn giving me a few quick kills right off the bat when I spawn :slight_smile:
You just gotta be able to aim in order to kill them. At angles like up to the top of the wall, shooting up is easier than shooting down cause of how the headshot hitbox works. Don’t exactly know why bit it just does work that way

Spawn killing is a tactic, so dont have a cry about it, im sure all of us have spawn killed every once in a while. As Wyvern said, its a good way to get some kills if you know how to play.

Every time I’d try I just got killed by the players at spawn. So it’s like… reverse spawn killing.

Well it is abit hard.Expecially when you team just demolishes the oppenents team and your the only one that is at their base.Long story short you gonna get raped.

I’d like to see the math behind this. I’d say the people who use hacks are less likely to make it out alive; once they run out of ammo or get sick of it or whatever, they’re the ones who are easy as hell to hit because they don’t know how to actually play.

Spawnkilling is as exactly as valid a tactic as camping or rushing. If it presents a challenge to you, learn to overcome it. I’d be happy to spawnkill you sometime so that you can figure out how to beat it. :slight_smile:

Don’t agree. Spawnkilling is a part of the game. Maybe your teammates aren’t good enough to kill that person or can’t see them. My strategy is to look around the base. Plus, there is no real way the admins could stop spawnkilling. Yes, it’s frustrating but you should give it a try and you’ll realize it’s fun :wink: I do it all the time. Also, there’s another topic about this somewhere else by ProjectSeventy.

Spawn killing has a time and a place. On certain maps (like hallway) it is imperative to spawn kill so your team can win, since it’s reverse CTF and you basically have to suicide run into the enemy base to get points.

On other maps it’s suicide to spawn kill, especially open maps that have large open spawns.

Spawn killing on pinpoint got harder after water damage was added.

It’s really your team’s fault for letting them in your spawn, anyway

On pinpoint it’s suicide. After the first person gets killed everyone knows where you are.

Spawnkilling is a dangerous game.

Unless your entire team is doing it

i meant by that is the longer you stay there the number of people dieing is just going to increase so that eventually you will become overwhelmed

Spawnkilling should not be illegal you should have done a poll

Useless teammates should be banned

AFK should be banned when their AFK reach 10 min

More like kicked.

ITT: unpopular opinion is mentioned and repeatedly bashed.

I know, we should auto-kick anyone who plays well, since that’s unfair for the players who don’t play well! No fun allowed!

Phew, I’d still be able to play then!