Spawn Campers

I was recently playing on the team deathmatch server, and a lot of the other team started to spawn camp. I believe that this should be banned, because it is really unfair on the team being camped. They have little chance of doing anything as they are constantly killed as soon as they spawn. I think in some gamemodes it is fine to kill a couple of people when they spawn if you are going for the intel, but staying for a long time just for the kills is unfair. Especially for new players who haven’t got much skill yet. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Spawn camping is part of the game and there really is no way this can be banned. Even if it was banned, there’s no real way to make sure people aren’t spawn camping.

Also excuse me if i’m wrong but i believe i have seen an announcement in the chat saying, spawn camping is allowed to let people play how they play, so if it’s true then i see no real harm against it. Also many people call instances like this spawn camping/killing where you’re walking on the enemies side and one of the enemies spawns a few blocks in front of you and you shoot them. It seems common sense to do so. You’re not purposely going for them, but it’s either “Shoot or be Shot.”

I haven’t seen these but it is true that there are no rules for spawn camping. I personally would like to keep it. Sure it’s annoying, but it helps you get kills.

why did your team allow themselves to get spawn camped in the first place?

Unless the teams were severely unbalanced you must have had terrible defences coupled with a team of pixel art builders.

Spawnkilling is okay if it happens once or twice, or if its in infiltration or tow where it is unavoidable, but I think sitting behind the enemy’s spawn-area and shooting people immediately should be illegal.

Spawn camping should be legal because if you spawn trap, you have to get behind the other team’s spawn. People can be creative and I’ve seen them hold a red block (pinpoint in the sea) so the other team can’t see them. Also, when you spawn camp, you die after like 5 kills or so because the other team kills you right away when they detect you.

Are you kidding me. This is as logical as saying “we should ban people who suicide charge with grenades, because it blows our stuff up and we can’t block the grenades”.

Although most people hate camping in general, I do it and it’s part of the game. I don’t understand why though because there just like snipers.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It sucks to be on a team that doesn’t pay attention and lets it happen, though. Far too common. I’ve been in situations where I have to repeatedly fend off spawn campers because nobody else cares. As far as I am concerned, camping in general is part of the game. In babel, you have to protect your shores on the maps that have a lot of water. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off isn’t going to win the match. Some people have to camp and protect, some have to build, some have to rush/attack/sneak around/tunnel.

You’re right, I have also seen these announcements.

Just duck as soon as you spawn. Get’s 'em every time. :wink:

If you’re team has allowed a spawn camp situation to happen then sorry but…

No Remorse if it happens.

Also, I’ve been in that situation of defending solely against Spawn Campers trying to over power you and it sucks. so when you break on through and get the chance yourself it’s far too tempting. And it honestly it’s a good way of bringing your enemy together for a more challenging match. Usually a spawn camp comes about from un-coordinated firing line and a team of uninvolved players. Spawn camping them and making sure they know they have to kill is a great way of getting the game going again. It kick starts the players.