Spam your greatest KDR

Spam your highest KDR in Ace of Spades.
This was back in 2015, did it in OpenSpades.


Does killstreak count?but who cares:
Best killstreak:47


lucky i still struggle to get a single kill >:(

does KDR without death count

I had a 28 killstreak in CS Maps.


Mine was:
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?
Date: 420 BC.

Highest may be 32 or 31, without a death (not so much :v)


not my highest but i just got this which was pretty ok

  • [!] has a kill-death ratio of 58.50 (117 kills, 2 deaths, 7.73 kills per minute).

it was tradeoff though so idk if it counts

lol tradeoff is easy
ps : is my favorite map :v

doesnt count, too low.

You can check out my profile at aosstats because im at mobile and i cant put links right.
By the way my Ace of Spades killstreak is 36.What i said last time was my OpenSpades.
Both of these KS’s are from tradeoff.

Tradeoff for life!

both of my ks’s are what i meant.