Spades Revived

Hello! I am new to these forums, so excuse me for bad formatting.

Recently, I started working on a game for Minetest (Minetest’s engine, not Minetest_Game) based on classic AoS. The goal of this game is to create a game with the same feel as AoS classic, but at the same time add new content. I guess one way to think about it is continuing from the original AoS.
As of right now, there is no ready release, but I hope to have one soon.

Until then, cya!


sorry to ask you this, but since you seem to not have not started on this, have you considered helping with OpenSpades or one of the other clients? (inb4 people complain about OpenSpades shaders instead of just turning them off)

There’s so many people making new clients but few actually improving the half-finished ones we have. I think we could make a lot of progress by focussing on what we already have instead :).

That said, best of luck with your Project!

Muffin could use help with his standalone game. I like what I have seen from it.