Sorry for all the annoyance

So, since people are calling me annoying, swearing and all of that stuff… I’m sorry for all of that. I just really want to spend time and have fun, but my AoS client keeps on crashing, so I dwell in forums, thereby making useless posts, topics and reviving the old threads. Sorry about that. Hope you will forgive me.

Thanks, just try to not be such a forum troll. That includes obnoxiously large bright blue bold italicized font.

Alright then. :slight_smile:

The thing about this thread is that you are acting exactly like how some people did few months ago. They constantly make threads and try to apologize 10 times which also gets annoying after a while. Instead of making threads like this, you should just show it by doing what you say.

As the popular saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Alright. I will try to be less annoying.