Something messed up (must read)

Well i was playing Aloha pk top 10 maps server and was having a blast. Then joins this guy He starts headshotting nonstop i check his accuracy and his smg accuracy is at 106% so i left him alone thinking that maybe his accuracy is glitching (i know it does that sometimes) but 5 rounds later hes till nonstop headshotting everyone and i check his accuracy a second time its at 100%. Someone begins a votekick, reason aimbot and he gets kicked. 5 minutes later he rejoins and starts headshotting everyone again. Everyone on the server is confused because we had just votekicked him. So we successfully vote kick him again then he comes back immediatly after we votekiced him. He tell us he went to an admin and got himself unbanned AND trusted so we all couldn’t votekick him anymore. Tell me your thougts on this, i did not include his name because im not that kind of guy.

You should include his name!
Also report glitchers, hackers, griefers here.

well if he knows the admins that good then going against him is like going against them.

Question: was his name “herp derp”? Because he’s a Minit admin and he’s trusted among our servers.

Well he must of keep on changing his IP so he can join that server.

Herp derp was Not aimbotting. It was a glitch because at the same time herp derp was playing, I joined and tried getting an accuracy over 100 by only shooting players in the head while rushing, I ended up with 113 than I went down once I stopped only getting headshots.

im not trying to condem the guy im just saying he was only getting headshots and when u play with someone that seems like he has aimbot and u cant kick him its extremely annoying. I say if a votekick succeeds then it went through for a reason. whats the point of having votekick if someone can simply go to an admin and have it removed??

I don’t really trust anyone unless Ive played with them before. As I have played with Herp derp and am 100% sure he is not an aimbot. BTW “Trust” means no one can votekick him.

i am aware of that. My point here is not just directed towards him its unfair to regulars such as me or any other player if someone is unkickable just because u’ve played with him or if hes a good friend of yours. Even if you are 100% sure hes not an aimbotter which im sure hes not. he shouldnt continually harrass the player base upon which your servers are founded.

If your idea of harassment is “he keeps headshotting everyone on my team”, I suggest you revise that idea.

If you have some evidence that a trusted player is actually antagonizing other people by verbally harassing them and such, we’d logically take steps to investigate and possibly revoke that trusted privilege.

I’m going to vouch for herp derp myself, he’s a very capable mid-short range combat player. If he comes to us saying he was wrongly votekicked, we’re obviously going to repeal the votekick, since that was clearly unfair to him.

Apparently herp can’t play these servers without getting votekicked every minute.

Thats not my point, and you wont get my point unless you lose your one sided state of mind. Put yourself in the view of a regular person that doesnt know herp derp. Now im not stating that he is a cheater in any way you have cleared that up. but put yourself in an average players point of view, would you want anyone to have the ability to not get votekicked at all. That would seem incredibly unfair to you, believe me. I have never cheated but i get votekicked all the time, Im ok with that though. (and by harassing in my last post i meant rejoining and rejoining when everyone though that he was aimbotting. that really confused people and people were thinking that an aimbotter was being sponsored by the admins.)

I’ll go ahead and vouch herp derp because I’ve seen him play on both Aloha and Minit servers without aimbotting.

I’m a little late to this, but,
anyone besides me notice this part of the original post?
“he was votekicked and came back 5 minutes later”
so obviously he wasn’t playing with his trusted login, so he
is saying he came back 5m later, so unless he went to an admin
about it, thats ban evasion by your own rules, thats the devils advocate part

Of course, herp would never hack in any way or form, if you watch some of my
youtube videos, I occasionally get my accuracy above 100% with a smg, (top I have had is 126%)
so the accuracy part is ir relevent without ingame videos of him.
long live herp <3

i understand that he was not hacking.

The way I see it, either:

  1. He got someone to unban him.
  2. While playing, time feels passing quickly. Votekicks last, what, 15 to 30 minutes? How are you sure it was 5 minutes, and not 30? I myself often play and then realize an hour has passed…and it felt like 10 minutes!

Votekicks are 30 minutes. And time does pass quickly.

The situation has been cleared up. Herp derp was in fact not hacking, he is a fair player as far as im concerned and he was unjustly votekicked so he got admins to unban him.