Some branches from my OpenSpades fork

Some branches i want to present here for anyone who may want to import them to their own repos.

as of posting this topic they are up to date with yvt/openspades master.


a branch featuring a “bare bones” version of Doctor Dank’s pubovl.

  • black silhouette on occlusion.
  • teamcolor outline on occlusion.
  • NO outline in normal gameplay. only in spectator Esp (NotTodo · yvt/openspades Wiki · GitHub)
  • NO block textures.
  • NO block outlines.
  • NO global volume settings.
  • Player names drawn in different colors
    • yellow if player is beyond 128 blocks of horizontal distance to the camera
    • red if player is dead
    • white if player is within 128 blocks of horizontal distance and alive.


a branch featuring Demo Recording and Demo Replaying. Modified OpenSpades Clients with Staff Tools

  • automatically record gameplay. can be toggled off in settings.
  • change date and time format for new demo recording file names.
  • various replay features that help to navigate and analyze demo replays.
    • progressbar UI:
      • click on MouseWheel/MiddleMouse button to toggle the progressbar UI.
      • click anywhere on the progressbar to skip to (like in a yt video)
      • Left click in middle of screen to pause/unpause
      • Left click on right side of screen to fastforward
      • Left click on left side of screen to rewind
      • Right click on right side of screen to advance to next world update
      • Right click on left side of screen to go back to previous world update
      • MouseWheel Up to increase replay speed (speed+)
      • MouseWheel Down to decrease replay speed (speed–)
      • Left click in middle of screen to normalize replay speed (speed = 1)
    • shortcut keys (customizable):
      • Numpad 5: pause/unpause
      • Numpad 6: fast forward
      • Numpad 4: rewind
      • Numpad 9: next world update
      • Numpad 7: previous world update
      • Numpad 8: increase speed
      • Numpad 2: decrease speed
      • Numpad 1: normalize speed
    • automatically fast forwards on map transfer. short loading time


a branch featuring my MapEditor. OpenSpades MapEditor

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