So… how about dem AoS?

This one time I got 900+ kill streak abusing the airstrike feature of a server. I don’t remember what server, it was a long time ago. Case in point, I just airstriked where people spawned and apparently kills from airstrike count as kills towards another one, so 20+ kills every few seconds.

This one time, I got banned on aloha for one-manning the entire blue team on arena.

I once went two rounds in a row on generator 2 winning 1v8s (I was the 1 both times).
Another time I killed 6 blues in under three seconds on arena using the rifle on museum. (They were packed together in the 2-block space by the exhibits)

I was killed 5 times under a minute =D

How fast was that respawn sec?

I was playing awhile ago and some people started hijacking the building I was in, shit got serious. Let’s just say only a hand came out of that building… my hand.

Once on Minit TestDrive, the building were grief-proof, so I took over a blue one and started spading every blue coming in.

One time I got a 100+ kill streak all spades they spawn in a 1 block area so easy kills!

About 5-10 sec
I feel AoS is going empty, I see many servers with 0 players on it.

1 time i destroyed a greifers house those were happy days 8)

One time, I won a 1v13 on Top10Arena when people were glitching on the old avsmallfortress. 8 people were coming up the stairs, and they didn’t even hit me once. ;D

Btw, it was with a Rifle, so all of them were headshots. 8)

one time on cs maps I did like 1vs6 win, I was the last man standing and I soundwhored, best feeling ever