So what are your hobbies (pics are nice)

I’m an archer
Us winning at States
I’m somewhere in this picture

I’m one of the 3 with gold medals
-fun fact one our our 2 3 member teams would have gotten 2nd place if they were a team by themselves

I’m a chairsofter (:

I’d post a pic, but it would be just a chair and airsoft guns I never use.

My favourite hobby is sitting around on my ass all day staring at a screen hoping it will entertain me.

Hobby? What’s that?

It’s like a lobby for hobos.

I’m thinking about growing an orchid.

I like Trains

(Reminds me of my old friend [Rev]Train who rarely plays now :o)

Play games and not go outside

My hobby is playing on a computer or just sleeping

My hobbies are soccer, staring at PC all day,all night and playing accordion.
(It’s a special type of accordion, called BAYAN in Russia.)