So apparently I am banned.

Today I tried to join the Aloha Babel server, and it said I was banned. I tried on the other Aloha servers, and all said I was banned. So I tried to join Minit, and it also said I was banned. I checked the GBL, but I’m not in there. I can, in fact, join Sham and Gen Wars.
I’m not really asking an appeal, as I barely play the game anymore, and when I play it is on Gen Wars, but I’m just curious to know why and when was I banned, because sincerely, I have no idea.

i cannot find any record at all that you are banned anywhere try getting on babel again and report back here please. thanks

Still says banned.

ok try 1 more time if you still cannot get on i suggest you try contacting the global admins on the quakenet IRC in room #aos.gbl. let us know how it turns out

Works now, thx.