Sniping tips

Hey guys, this is Monstarules. I recently saw a video on youtube of someone practicing with a bot in an AoS server. I figured I’d give it a try and yeah, my accuracy increased. But I also came up with some other useful tips that you need to keep in mind.

Start out by making slow shots. Try your best to line them up. After making several, you can try and speed up. Don’t go to fast, you want to build your skills up. Slow and very accurate is better than fast and innacurate. Always remember that, and build up your skill to your comfort level.

This gets everyone. Sometimes your team is kicking so much ass that the entire enemy team spawns in at once and low and behold, guess who has front row seats: You. The worst thing you could do is panic and start randomly shooting. It doesn’t work, it makes you look stupid, and it will (100% guarantee) get you killed. Don’t freak out when the enemy team spawns in. Think of it as a nice opprotunity to practice your sniping skills. Don’t give away your position. If the enemy does know your position, you can dig under a little and hide if you’re that scared.

When sniping, you need a nice scope. Now, it’s great to have a realistic one, but it’s also good to have an accurate one as well. A smaller scope is a better scope, but use one thats realistic. Don’t use some gargantuan blob as a reticle on your scopes. This is a nice scope and it is accurate.

This is an example of a bad scope…it’s innacurate, and it isnt even the right size.

The correct scope can do a lot for you

This isn’t Battlefield
There is no bullet drop. There is negligible bullet traveling time. Aim and shoot for the head. There is spread however, so keep in mind that you can miss longer shots (ones just barely in fog range). But don’t forget that spread can also be a saving grace. You don’t always have to aim on the head, although in shorter distances, you really should otherwise you’ll miss. I usually aim for the chest for longer distances. I’d rather have a few hits and a possiblity of a headshot than an angry enemy who starts shooting back at you because you keep missing their head.

Wallpopping, Jumpshots, Crouchspamming
Ok just because Spring or topo can do it doesn’t mean you should. It takes a lot of practice to perfect, and it should be more on instinct rather than on command. Wallpopping is when you peek out from cover and survey the area, line up a shot, and shoot the enemy before taking cover again. Sometimes you should peek, crouch down, move over a little and then shoot, just in case you got seen… Crouchspamming is repeatedly crouching and shooting at targets (this will attract the enemy to you because the color changes will catch their eyesight) at a fast rate, hoping that they can’t hit you because you’re all over the place. Jumpshots are self explanatory. You jump and shoot, although crouching midair does reduce recoil.

Thanks now I can finally kill Torch


I use default skins, stock Ace of Spades. Great tutorial however.

lol nice tips , I am going to test that scope of yours ,:smiley: it looks pretty accurate xD

Just curious about some of the better snipers among us: Do yall track or trap?

I use a highly scientific method called “spray and pray”.
I also use vanilla AOS

AWP in AoS-Peek down a corridor where people might go through, aim rifle at head height, Shoot when you see head. Preferably done with a spot that has cover.
If you have to divide attention between multiple spots, use minimap and your eyes to find out which spots your team is getting their asses kicked and concentrate on there.

Either depending on movement, quickscoping is usually best though.

Edit: You should put Enari’s pixel scope here Monsta, or link to the pixel scope thread.

My scope is a scope and not a blank pic with a red dot, I stress alot when I’m infront of the whole enemy team (because I don’t usually end up infront of the whole enemy team), crouchspam is a tecnique developped by noobs who watch pros wallpop (also used by Aussies with 300 ms), jumpshots are inefficient unless when playing against a god like player, I take my time aiming for the head so I don’t miss, instead of shooting at the torso or shooting a full mag with no effect, I snipe from long distance and generally unseen, rather than blatantly showing off my ctrl-pressing skills right infront of the enemy.

What I mean with this is that, You can’t tell me how to snipe, I snipe whatever way I want.

Nice blanket statements. Your antidote is someone else’s poison. Shooting long distance unseen doesn’t work well when everyone on your team is doing it and no one can get any objectives done.

You mean you don’t know how to do it, so you diss it?

No, quite the opposite. A “god like” player won’t be fooled by jumps, so you’re better off just taking your best shot and hoping they don’t shoot you before you shoot them. Jumpshooting works on newbies/noobs/smgs. If you actually tried doing it you’d see how invaluable it is when you don’t have cover and you can’t build any (especially on arena). Also, it reduces the predictability when rounding corners. If you always come around a corner at standing height it is extremely easy to prefire on you 3 blocks up from the ground and kill you before you even have a chance to respond. Jumping is better than crouching, because you don’t lose as much velocity as if you tried to round the corner with a crouch instead.

With 0.75 spread at fog distance it is usually a better idea to lob off 4 or 5 shots at the body and actually kill someone 100% of the time than to aim for the head and have about a 70% chance of killing them with those 4 or 5 shots. Also, it’s better for you to at least inflict one or two body shots on someone and die then to not inflict any damage at all. Even though you may not notice the effect it helps out your team.

It works. A head that is only visible 10% of the time is a head that is harder to hit. A good crouch spammer you have to be extremely lucky or have to prefire to hit.

Exactly, so why would you make that statement after telling others how to do it? I’m not good at aiming, it’s not something I possess with a cheapo probably close to 5 or 6 year old laptop and a mini logitech mouse. I do however have good reflexes, so for me the best way to play is to crouch/jump/rifle spam. Is it the best for everyone? No, definitely not.

heh, I wasn’t trying to give tips or telling anyone how to snipe
also, sniping is a playstyle for me, not a synonym of playing normally, players shouldn’t use only one playstyle for ever.

Broadcasting negativity on other styles is telling someone how to snipe in a passive-aggressive way.

you say that as if crouchspamming is literally anything other than pressing crouch a lot

Clearly you don’t know how to do it either then.

Clearly you think there’s some kind of skill involved.

Not skill. Thinking.

I’d say crouchspamming is more of experience-If it works in practice, then use it, doesn’t matter if it’s considered “nooby.”

What’s nooby is leaving your head up 24/7 and then getting mad when it gets shot.

What’s nooby is crouch spamming when your aim sucks