SneakyBastard: Banned from all servers.

IGN: Some fake name… might have been no name or “asd”
Server: Fairly positive it was “top 10 arena”
Reason: I was using ESP & aimbot.

  • I left the community before the new forums were introduced. I never thought I would come back to the community, so I acted like there was nothing to lose.
  • I did not understand that servers are a privilege and I should have been treating them as one.
  • I am not going to risk my small reputation by cheating again.

Time: About 1-2 weeks ago.

I hope to join the community again. For that I am trying to start fresh.


Wow this is the first person I know,Other then Hobohob that actually admitted that they hacked.Nice honesty.Now you might have a higher chance of getting unbanned.

If you just look at the other appeals and have common sense, you see that lying leads to nowhere. Just not worth it.

Ho hum. That’s actually my ban.

Since you pretty much confessed let’s skip the usual “I did not, you did” stuff and let us jump straight to the point.

You hacked, you were banned, you appeal, what do you propose?

I’m inclined to exchange the perma to something else, especially since you have static IP (and yes, also due to your forward approach).

I’m just not sure to what. What do you think in your opinion would feel right?

I am up for anything, just hoping to get the permaban off.

It’s a 7 day ban now. See you in a week in game.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The next one would be a perma though right?

Of course.