Silly,weird,awkward,and creepy moments

Share your funny moment. Here’s mine

My mom was speeding when there was an officer and the officer stopped a guy who was speeding. We were very lucky we didn’t got stopped.

i used to follow people around w/ a guitar and improvise a song regarding to what they were doing. sometimes it made people laugh and other times people tried to run away from me thinking i was crazy.

I hugged the shortest girl in my grade and she didn’t even come up to my chest.

What lion…

Anything wrong with hugging girls? Anyway, I changed the part that said “in my school” to “in my grade”. That may have misled people.

If someone said O.o

I would say “that’s what TwIsTeDBuLL3T said”.

That awkward moment when my girlfriend says, “Let’s ‘pass’ the time.” but I didn’t pick up what she was saying.

The awkward moment when I get up to go to school at 6:00 then realize there is a 2 hour delay.

I have a hobby of using the creepiest voices I can muster at random moment’s for shock value.