Silly questions

How about some silly questions.

what is 1x45x0x1111xfive=

where do you most likely find glitchers=

answer these questions for more.If you have questions post them


where do you most likely find greifers= easy- pinpoint

here’s one what is the most common form of the word hack used in votekicks :D=

So stoopid
You find glitchers in arena, not PP

lolz I could have sworn that said greifers xD.

Good job here’s one for u

Who is yellow, not normal and annoys a squid

SpongeBob Squarepants

Why isnt 11 called onety-one?

I guess the same reason that 12 isn’t called twoty-two.

So at some point in time, we humans realized we have 10 fingers.
Shocking, I know.

Probably a bit after that, some Teutonic people started counting.
They realized that they needed an extra finger for 11 and two extra fingers for 12.
So 11 became “one-leftover” and 12 became “two-leftover”.
Now since they’re Teutons, they obviously used some sort of German language.

I don’t want to butcher another language, but here’s some words:
ein = 1, zwei = 2, and I’m not sure what “leftover” corresponds to, maybe someone who’s German can tell you about it. I’ll assume “left” works.
“ein-left” sounds like “eleven”
“zei-left” sounds like “twelve”
Well, well.

How long did it take for you to get that information? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the kids’ mortal enemy.NOTE* no parents

I would think teachers or the law (police, judges, etc.)

teenagers, as evident by the establishment of the KND Organization.

These questions are unrelated; I’m also unsure what trajectory even means in this context seeing the effects of gravity play a minimal role in space.

According to Wolfram|Alpha, the average density of the sun is 1.41 g/cm^3. In case you were wondering, the effects of mass defect resulting from nuclear fusion is negligible (though I believe millions of tons of hydrogen are used per second).

We can launch a space-ship at Mars from pretty much whatever angle we damn well please, as long as we’ve made the right astrophysical calculations and engineered a good spaceship to handle the load. Furthermore, there is an incompatibility in units between mass and angle, so the question doesn’t really make sense.

who is red fights a big turtle and saves a pink princess with his bro wearing green

O: You do?

Why is my nickname because of my cat?

Your cat’s name is Monsta?

Monty, Monster, Monsty, Boy, Monty Python, Monsta…

AKA Yes, his name is Monster :stuck_out_tongue: And he rules… Monster rules…Monster-rules…Monstarules get it?