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Please for the love of god, gods, or lack thereof! This website is harmful, and is against women. I find this DISGUSTING. Signing the petition may help the destruction of the website and incarcerations of these assholes who run it.



Wish I could have signed it a million times. I read a comment from J N from Cincinnati, that posted: A reason to sign this is because someone needs to act in defense of the defenseless. I can not believe one of their rules is only posting nude pictures of teens…
Anyways, thanks for bringing this up Monsta. It definitely needs all the attention and petition votes it can get.

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deceit/revenge porn is indeed very real, harmful, and disgusting. i consider it a form of rape and i feel so saddened for the unfortunate victims. i applaud you for bringing awareness to the global problem, Monstarules.

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Yes I think that this is a big problem. Everytime when someone sees your personal details/ your photo in the internet, all of these things can be abused and can cause you a big trouble. The other thing that comes with this hand in hand are the “inviting” pictures, which can disgust people or even cause psychical problems to someone. My opinion.
I think some websites other than the chan aren’t so dangerous, I am talking about which contains only jokes with no girls pictures. There is no pedophile undertone.
Sure, I agree with that article.

It also touched a nerve close to home. 2 friends, are suffering because of what happened. Of course, the goddamn “moderators” over there had to cover it up quick.

Don’t Understand Explain it too me…
Not Really into American Politics…

Signed it no problemm… I I posted this on the last comment post… 0-0

All nude stuff already banned in my country.

Im surprised it wasn’t removed beforehand, as you apparently don’t need the deep web to access it.

yeah anonib was hacked by hackers from “Anonymous” I think.