Should Torch be unbanned?

Vote on whether Torch should be unbanned or not!
If you want to you can give a reason on why or why not!

Not sure.
I don’t like digging into topics.



i vote no because his appeal was already denied
stop making topics ok

I can make as many topics as I want :smiley:
I was just curious as to what people thought

I like how the poll is basically 8vs1.

i think torch should not not possibly not but maybe not someday not be not unbanned not

Take good notes gentlemen of those that are able to independently think and those that instead are slaves to their emotions and feelings.


Me feat. Danke on the left: SEE IT: Man tries to put out Olympic torch with fire extinguisher in Brazil  - New York Daily News


We arent angry about anything. We are, however, bugged that you and some of your Rev clan are being very distasteful and rude towards Aloha. By insulting one staff member or another, or claiming that they are being biased, or whatnot, insults every staff member and Aloha. Stop making topics, Danke said you could re appeal in a month. If this doesn’t stop, you and anyone else trying to make this into national news might end up on the end of a forum ban. I’m not saying it will happen, but I don’t know because it is up to the BK’s. You have all this time to try and prove your innocence but you keep wasting it by allowing and outright supporting things like this to occur. If this keeps up your appeal is probably going to end up denied again because you are making no effort to try and find evidence to prove your innocence. This staff put in more effort than you did.

LOL. You can’t handle the expected salt from being banned without evidence or even being spectated at the time of the incident? I really hope you don’t have a leadership position in real life. Dealing with emotions even when it means you are getting “beat up” is part of being a good leader. Imagine if Obama would’ve broke down or had angry talks every weekend when he gets/got made fun of or insulted. If you can’t handle the spotlight then don’t climb the ladder or be very very careful about what you do or don’t do.

I did? I stopped with the “Admin abuse blah blah blah” thread. I made two topics total. I’m not paying or telling anyone to make any other threads. In fact, I’ve told people not to worry about me and to let it go. Also, censorship is the beginning of the death of any platform. (No I did not say it was the death of a platform.)

Yes, you’re implying it will to “threaten” me. Cute.

  1. I shouldn’t have to prove my innocence. You should have sufficient video evidence or AT THE VERY LEAST should have AT LEAST been spectating me during the incident. I literally wasn’t even spectated and it just “happened” to be on a mostly empty server. Coincidence? :slight_smile: Danke banned Slayer on BinLadenCompound for “votekick abusing” when he didn’t know that Slayer was kicking a spammer that was doing just enough to stay under the auto-mute. Danke acted rashly and banned him and said something like “Oops” or “Oh well” after I told him that’s why he was votekicking someone. Yes, he had a dumb votekick reason, but most of us have those from time to time when we get bored of typing in “hacker” or “spammer” for the reason. Obviously the ban was justified after Slayer started evading, but that is not the point I’m making here.

  2. You can’t waste time. Time is infinite. If anything, typing on a forum or playing a videogame is more of a waste of time if you could waste time than staying banned. If playing a game stopped me from wasting time, you should’ve just recommended I play on one of the other AoS servers to minimize my “time wasting”, but it’s not like that matters when I have to wait a month to reappeal regardless of what I do or don’t do.

So… your bans rely on how much evidence a player can produce and you think a player should be their own lawyer… Of course the staff should be putting more effort in. It is their job to regulate and moderate the servers. That’s why you guys are the peeps with the powers and commands and not the average player who doesn’t put in time and effort.

Also, um… duh I’m going to support anyone who supports me?

Also also, if you want me and my “clan members” or whatever you think people are that support me to stop “attacking” you how about you stop accusing people of hacks and banning them without at least spectating them first. And half the people that are supposedly “supporting” me don’t even like me. They just see a banning system being done that they aren’t okay with and don’t want it happening to them.

Can you just like shut up? You’re not going to be unbanned for a month at least so just stop talking. Your presence has become a nuisance and you’ve become a cancerous ex-player in the community. Move on and go hack on another game, man.

Torch and other members supporting Torch, please refrain from making any future posts related to Torch’s ban until he appeals after the time limit is over, your opinion and comebacks aren’t going to make the admins unban Torch nor change their policies but you’re all making the situation even worse for Torch if he ever makes a future appeal. I sincerely hope that each person rooting for Torch can stop making any future posts about this topic (Torch included) aswell as other people who will try to make a post instigating further drama. This isn’t going anywhere rather and it’s bringing an environment of negativity around this forum. To be honest, alot of people are getting tired about this and we all want to move on from this.

Double post, please delete this

This is why the game is dying. Elitists who want their personal ideal version of the game and cut everyone out who doesn’t fit into it. Clearly the community, of which many logically thinking people are involved, do not think he should be banned, whereas only a few (perhaps logically thinking) people get to make all the decisions. I’ve been involved in Aloha for a very short time but this is already driving me away. All they need to do is release the logs. If they don’t have the logs then don’t ban him. Simple as that. Go ahead and ban him, and go ahead and ban anyone who speaks out about it, I’m here for the game, not this behaviour. Everyone on both sides (except Torch who, in my opinion, has been pretty mature and justified in what he’s been saying recently) needs to grow up. Even if he is hacking, every single stage of this situation has been handled in an idiotic manner, and I don’t mind saying it.

Good. Go. Cya. We don’t need players dividing the community because they can’t understand the ban 1.won’t be lifted for a month and 2.was legit. Danke isn’t the salty sort and he made his call. I trust his judgement and experience. You and others constantly bitching and questioning admin judgment is what’s dividing us. I couldn’t care less what you think. My “elitist” opinion doesn’t mean shit unless you make it mean something so I really don’t understand what you’re on about. I’m just another player getting sick of everybody backing someone found guilty of hacking. Deal with it.

“Found guilty” Because guilty verdicts are NEVER found out to be wrong.