Should there be firing modes?

Should there be firing modes on SMG such as full-auto, semi-auto, or even 2 or 3 round burst? Most players know that full-auto in long range firefights is usually inefficient. Should there be fire modes that you can switch in-game that takes about a second? What are other people’s opinions on this?

Do you know how to use smg?

Yes I know that you can crouch and significantly use the recoil, but still a multiple firing modes for new people trying to play the Classic AoS will be somewhat cool.

I like how it is now, there might be an ahk script out there somewhere that makes you fire 3 shot bursts, would be cool to see it released for those who want it.

I like it the way it is right now, but I just would like to see something fresh and new.

If you want a short burst of 3, why not just click your mouse 3 times?

Once again, I just would like to see something new and that 3-round burst should have higher RPM than normal full-auto

If we want to buff the SMG any more, we really need to nerf its damage output.
If we have this, sniping with the 3-round burst would be vastly superior to doing it with the rifle.

I agree. The damage should be significantly nerfed for this burst fire mode.

Again, why not just make a script to make it burst-fire? If you have a thumb-key mouse, it’d actually be cool to move your thumb and change from full auto to burst and back.

However, if range is your thing, I made some scopes that help you control recoil, though it takes a while to learn to read it.