it’s a shame, admin using hack banned me. Many using hacks at dawn and nothing is done. Babel is a shame

you were banned for wall-banging again please fill out the appeal form keeping in mind that once again we record proof.

NOP BRHU ! i use the hack to kill a retared hack !, i record all game, but i exclude this video. This a shame to u on game and players undig hax to admins ban me.

I dont NEED !, use cehater to play, se my videos, i just use hax to kill another cheater reatded !

By dawn babel and other servers is full of cheaters. But only I have to be banned

i dont will appeal now, u desire keep me banned ? Ok. Cheaters will gonna dies in others servers

there wasnt any other cheaters on the server at the time, and even if there was, hacking is not the way atorres one more chance to fill out the appeal form or this topic is closed and appeal denied

fuck u detank, u are a bicth of cheaters !. i dont need use hax to play. Fuck u !

comes to play with me on another server, i dont will use hax and im will fuck u ass. Its a challenge

u are admin on aloha, to me, u are a noob

com to challenge, me, and u. U choose the server

Appeal denied you may appeal again in a week.